world 50 group leads the charge in corporate inclusion with prestigious 2024 id impact awards 2544


World 50 Group Leads the Charge in Corporate Inclusion with Prestigious 2024 I&D Impact Awards


Benjamin Hughes

March 28, 2024 - 15:57 pm


Championing Inclusion: World 50 Group Announces the 2024 I&D Impact Awards Winners

ATLANTA, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The respected collective of top industry leaders, World 50 Group, is elated to share the recipients of its 2024 Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Impact Awards. This prestigious event is returning for its second year to shine a light on ambitious corporate interventions that are driving equality and fostering inclusive environments within the workplace and broader society.

Jennifer Bird Newton, World 50's chief impact officer, kicks off the celebrations at the 2024 I&D Impact Awards.

A celebratory evening unfolded in Miami as the I&D Impact Awards ceremony commenced. The event brought together an esteemed assemblage of global executives from premiere organizations to commend the transformations and advancements made in the realm of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The celebrations included the participation of influential partners such as Amazon, Best Buy, Cognizant, Joshin, RHR International, and SLB—all members of World 50 and advocates for diversity and inclusion.

Jennifer Bird Newton, World 50’s Chief Impact Officer, shared her reflections on the event, emphasizing the importance of collective acknowledgment and celebration of DEI milestones. "In a critical period for DEI, this awards ceremony serves as a vital reminder of how collaborative efforts can lead to significant accomplishments. We extend our warmest congratulations to this year's trailblazing I&D Impact Awards recipients," Newton expressed during the festivities.

The 2024 I&D Impact Awards recipients were selected from a pool of over 140 nominations submitted by 74 distinct organizations, a testament to the increasing focus on DEI across various sectors. This year's winners set the bar across nine award categories, each spotlighting a different aspect of inclusion and diversity:

2024 I&D Impact Awards Winners:

  • I&D Ally Award: Ferrero
  • Transparency Award, in partnership with Best Buy: Rio Tinto
  • Innovation Award, in partnership with Amazon: Victoria's Secret & Co.
  • Gender Equality Award: Kimberly-Clark
  • I&D Team of the Year, in partnership with Cognizant: Inizio Evoke
    • Highly commended: Humana
  • I&D Leader of the Year, in partnership with RHR International: Lydia Smith, Chief Diversity Officer, Victoria's Secret & Co.
    • Highly commended: Sherri Neal, Chief Diversity Officer, HCA Healthcare
  • Community Impact Award: Amazon
  • Inclusion Award, in partnership with Joshin: EY
    • Highly commended: Union Pacific
  • I&D Impact Award, in partnership with SLB: Cummins
    • Highly commended: Cargill

The judges for this year's accolades—a panel of 24 leading DEI executives from renowned companies including AstraZeneca, Discover, Cognizant, Hilton, Lenovo, Mars, MetLife, and Warner Bros. Discovery—undertook the thorough task of evaluating the submissions. These experts lend their insights to select initiatives that not only possess innovative solutions to DEI challenges but also show sustainable impact within their organizations and communities.

Crystal Andrew Banks, the global head of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at The Kraft Heinz Company, expressed her awe of the award-winning programs, stating, "The brilliance and effectiveness of these initiatives reinforce my faith in the transformative power of inclusion for our future." These acknowledgements further serve as a catalyst for other corporations to remain persistent in their DEI endeavors.

Earl Newsome, Cummins' Chief Information Officer, conveyed his admiration for the initiatives, appreciating the richness they add to workplace cultures. "The array of submissions manifests the beauty of crafting diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments. All participating organizations should be proud of their influential work."

The I&D Impact Awards reflect just one facet of the larger World 50 I&D Impact Community, which unites a band of global DEI trailblazers in discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions. For leaders committed to advancing these vital topics, membership offers a wealth of resources, and the opportunity to amplify DEI successes across the globe.

Discover more about the far-reaching influence of the World 50 I&D Impact Awards and find out how your organization can engage in the 2025 chapter by visiting impactawards.com.

About World 50 Group

World 50 Group acts as a magnet for executive leaders from the most prestigious global corporations. With a membership spanning over 4,800 CEOs, board directors, and senior executives from a myriad of functional backgrounds and hailing from 40 nations over six continents, these business titans pool their collective wisdom within the World 50 community. They share best practices, insights, and expertise to induce impact at scale, shaping the future of global business and society.

The World 50 interface is a convergence point where ideas are exchanged, complex challenges tackled, and executive growth fostered. Members lead the charge in business transformation, heading organizations with a total market capitalization exceeding $34 trillion and employing more than 37 million individuals globally. This collaborative environment enables them to remain at the peak of innovation and impact.

Interested leaders are invited to learn about the exclusive benefits of World 50 membership and request an invitation. For more information and to become part of an influential network dedicated to shaping the business landscape, visit world50.com.

In conclusion, the World 50 Group's I&D Impact Awards commend and showcase those champions of change within the business realm who have undertaken significant steps toward a more inclusive and equitable world. The awards ceremony stands as a testament to the dedication and progress made by companies across the globe. It is an embodiment of the shared vision where diversity is not only embraced but is integral to the tapestry of industry success.

As we look ahead to the 2025 I&D Impact Awards, it is clear that the momentum continues to build. Organizations large and small take strides forward, propelled by the belief that diversity fuels innovation and inclusion underpins strength. The World 50 Group remains a catalyst and support system for these entities, championing the exchange of knowledge and encouraging the adoption of impactful DEI initiatives.

By joining the conversation and committing to action, companies contribute to a future that values every voice. The road ahead is replete with opportunities for further advocacy, deeper commitment, and even greater achievements in the world of inclusion and diversity in business. As World 50 Group continues to foster an environment for these advancements, the ripple effects of the I&D Impact Awards will resonate across industries and borders.

Let these awards remind each of us—leaders, employees, and stakeholders alike—of the profound momentum and collective resolve that can redefine our workplaces and communities. The World 50 Group's I&D Impact Awards are more than just recognitions; they are a clarion call for continued vigilance and action in the journey toward a just and inclusive society.

In closing, we offer our hearty congratulations to the luminaries celebrated in the 2024 I&D Impact Awards, and we extend an invitation to all entities with a vision for a more inclusive world to join the vanguard of this movement. The future of business and the creation of equitable spaces where every individual can thrive hinge on our shared dedication to these goals. Let us all rise to the occasion and meet this challenge with the fervor it rightly commands.

The achievements underlined by these awards are merely the beginning. The true measure of success lies in the sustained efforts of organizations across the globe to weave DEI into the very fabric of their corporate ethos. As we stand together, hand in hand, there is boundless potential for the prosperity and unity that grows from seeds of diversity and inclusion.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary strides made so far and in forging the path towards a fully inclusive tomorrow. Together, we can build a landscape filled with opportunities for all, underpinned by respect, understanding, and innovation driven by our diverse perspectives.

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With the conclusion of this article, we've reflected on the impact of the I&D Impact Awards and the proactive role of World 50 Group in fostering diversity and inclusion across industries. As the conversation continues to evolve and expand, may our collective efforts toward creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces and communities flourish.