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Wild Tide Seafoods: Revolutionizing Seafood Consumption in America


Michael Chen

March 27, 2024 - 17:22 pm


Revolutionizing Seafood Consumption: Wild Tide Seafoods Bridges the Gap

MELBOURNE, Fla., March 27, 2024 — For over two decades, Chris Ruvane has pioneered the commercial fishing sector, immersing himself in the industry on both the East and West coasts of the United States. Throughout his career on the high seas, Ruvane has discerned a significant gap in the American diet—acknowledging that many citizens were oblivious to the exceptional seafood harvested in their own waters.

Currently at the helm of three fishing vessels operating in the bountiful waters of Alaska, Ruvane plays a pivotal role in overseeing the life cycle of seafood from catch to customer. He has witnessed firsthand the trend that sees most American-caught seafood bound for international markets. The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute confirms Ruvane's observations, noting that a staggering two-thirds of the country's seafood is exported while only a third is retained for domestic consumption.

Ruvane's experience has also brought to his attention the common practice of supermarkets and mass retailers, predominantly offering consumers imported or farm-raised seafood. These options, aside from being of arguably lower quality, are potentially augmented with antibiotics and other undesirable characteristics, putting them at odds with health-conscious consumer trends.

Aware of the opaque veil cast over American seafood preferences, Ruvane contemplated the limited public knowledge regarding the healthier, wild-caught seafood sourced from within the United States—a stark contrast to the robust selection of American beef. He embarked on a mission to uncover a solution to this disparity.

In pursuit of a remedy, Ruvane forged a partnership with a family member who boasts a wealth of ecommerce experience, Jay Scannell. With over two decades of insights gained in senior roles at technology and operations with online retail giants like SkyMall and Giftcards.com, Scannell’s expertise was the perfect complement to Ruvane's ambitions. The duo devoted a year to rigorously analyzing the seafood industry while meticulously crafting their business blueprint.

2023 marked the launch of their collaborative venture, Wild Tide Seafoods, a boutique family-owned business based in the USA. Catering to a global customer base, Wild Tide Seafoods takes pride in delivering premium-grade fish and shellfish straight to patrons' doorsteps, utilizing the logistics prowess of FedEx.

Wild Tide Seafoods is not merely in the business of sales; the small enterprise aspires to educate the populace about seafood, uphold the interests of commercial fishermen, and champion sustainable fishing to safeguard future generations. By igniting an interest in domestically sourced seafood, the company envisages bolstering demand to sustain the fishing community for the long haul.

"Our patrons are enamored with our selection and have become repeat customers. Now anyone can enjoy the luxury of Black Cod, synonymous with esteemed restaurants like Nobu, right from the comfort of their dining room, with our array of home recipes," expressed Ruvane with enthusiasm.

Ruvane proudly goes on to accentuate the superiority of their Bairdi Snow Crab, which surpasses the quality typically found at local markets, and the unparalleled taste of Alaska’s wild-caught salmon, which evidently outshines its farm-raised Atlantic counterpart.

Part of Wild Tide Seafoods' educational initiative includes enlightening customers on the virtues of freshly caught and promptly frozen seafood. Contrary to common belief, this method is often more cost-effective and yields higher quality outcomes.

The company heralds the advent of modern freezing technologies, such as micro-misting and more effective deep-freeze methods at lower temperatures. These advancements have revolutionized the industry, enabling frozen products to retain their pristine quality.

In concurrence with analyses documented by the Washington Post, experts assert that such technological leaps have allowed for seafood to be frozen within mere hours of harvest. The "fresh" seafood that graces market counters may, in reality, be weeks old. Many of these may even bear the label "previously frozen," highlighting that frozen products can sometimes surpass "fresh" in both freshness and condition.

Speaking on customer experiences, Jay Scannell shares, "The glowing reviews from our customers say it all, with accolades like 'Amazing Quality', 'Never had better', and 'Now a customer for life'. They are our motivation to continually expand our delicious seafood offerings and divulge recipes and insight straight from the docks."

Scannell continues, "With Chris's extensive experience in fishing across the USA and my background in e-commerce, we are uniquely positioned to excel in connecting our customers with premium seafood experiences."

About Wild Tide Seafoods

A family-owned enterprise, Wild Tide Seafoods has emerged as a beacon in the direct-to-consumer seafood industry within the USA. Offering more than just convenience, this small business dedicates itself to shipping only the finest quality fish and shellfish globally with the aid of FedEx.

Wild Tide Seafoods transcends the role of a retailer; they are on a mission to indoctrinate consumers about the benefits of wild-caught seafood while simultaneously advocating for sustainable fishing practices, aiming to secure a robust domestic market that will provide unwavering support to fishermen across generations.

Their model includes offering curated subscription boxes at economical rates, as well as the flexibility to make a la carte purchases. This empowers consumers with the ability to tailor their seafood subscriptions to their personal preferences, including the frequency of delivery, adding supplementary items, or suspending shipments as needed.

For those seeking further information about their offerings or to make purchases, Wild Tide Seafoods extends an invitation to visit their website at www.wildtideseafoods.com.

Once you visit their site, you'll have the opportunity to explore a multitude of recipes, gain knowledge about sustainable seafood practices, and become part of a community committed to enjoying and preserving the richness of American seafood.

Beyond Freshness: Understanding the Frozen Seafood Advantage

Modern freezing techniques stand as the unsung hero in the seafood industry’s narrative, ensuring products retain their original flavor and nutritional value. The concept of micro-misting and advanced freezing methods encapsulates the essence of quality. Imagine the journey of a fish, a creature of the deep—wild and untethered—transitioning to a state of suspension, its freshness locked in time, just hours after it has been sourced from the ocean's embrace.

This art of preserving seafood contradicts the prevailing misconceptions of frozen seafood being subpar to "fresh" counter offerings. Consumers now have access to a treasure trove of seafood, once thought to be exclusive to upscale restaurant menus, ready to be prepared in the comfort of their own kitchens thanks to Wild Tide Seafoods.

A Testament to Quality: Wild Tide Seafood's Commitment to Excellence

Scannell emphasizes the importance of upholding a high standard, "When folks buy from Wild Tide Seafoods, they're not just purchasing fish; they are investing in quality. Each product reflects a narrative of meticulous selection and exceptional taste."

Nurturing a direct line from sea to table, Wild Tide Seafoods has taken a staunch stance against mediocrity in the seafood selection available in local grocery aisles. By juxtaposing their meticulously caught and preserved seafood against the ambiguous "fresh" options, they are setting a new bar for quality and transparency in the industry.

Supporting Sustainable Fisheries: A Vision for a Healthier Ocean

Ruvane and Scannell's vision for Wild Tide Seafoods isn’t just about satiating the palate of the discerning consumer. It’s about crafting a legacy—one where the health of the oceans and the welfare of the fishing communities are held in high regard. By promoting sustainable fishing techniques, the company is not only providing a service but is also actively participating in the safeguarding of marine ecosystems for future enjoyment.

Embracing the Seafood Revolution: A Call to Action for Consumers

Wild Tide Seafoods stands as a trailblazer, urging consumers to question the status quo of seafood consumption and opt for choices that are not only delicious but also responsible. To join in this gastronomic and ethical venture, they encourage customers to experience the bounty of the sea as never before through their service.

In essence, Wild Tide Seafoods isn't just a brand; it's a movement creating ripples across the culinary world, merging the finest selection of seafood with a mission to rewrite the story of America's seafood consumption. Embrace the change and dive into the deep blue with Wild Tide Seafoods—the future of ocean-to-table dining.

Conclusion: Sailing Towards a Sustainable Future with Wild Tide Seafoods

Wild Tide Seafoods reminds us that as consumers, we wield the power to influence market trends and ultimately, the health of our planet's oceans. By making informed choices, like selecting sustainably sourced and expertly frozen seafood, we contribute to a movement that advocates for environmental stewardship and the prosperity of maritime communities. As the tides of change ebb and flow, Wild Tide Seafoods stands as a pioneering beacon, guiding us toward a more sustainable, delicious, and health-conscious horizon.

As Ruvane and Scannell cast their nets wide, inviting seafood lovers to partake in the Wild Tide Seafoods experience, it's clear that this venture is about more than just business—it's about igniting a passion for the ocean's harvest, education, and above all, building a legacy of taste and sustainability that can be passed down through generations. Join the revolution and anchor your next meal with the superior offerings of Wild Tide Seafoods.

Wild Tide Seafoods invites all to break free from convention and rediscover the true essence of seafood, delivered directly to your door. Visit www.wildtideseafoods.com to explore their products and become part of a sustainable seafood future that supports fishermen and the environment alike. The horizon is vast, and Wild Tide Seafoods is here to navigate these waters alongside their valued customers for a lifetime.