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Vote to Revitalize Summer Joy: Help Ice Cream Vendors Win Business Grants!


Lauren Miller

March 20, 2024 - 12:56 pm


Good Humor Calls for Votes to Award Joy-Bringing Ice Cream Vendors with Business-Changing Grants

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., March 20, 2024 -- As the first tendrils of spring awaken senses with anticipations of summer, Good Humor indulges in picturesque daydreams of balmy weather, azure skies, and the cheerful jingle of the ice cream truck. This nostalgic symbol of summertime bliss—the Good Humor truck—stands as a beloved hallmark of joy for many Americans. With the nostalgic pleasure of its presence rooted deep in the nation's culture, it's no surprise that a study conducted by Good Humor unveiled that nearly two-thirds of Americans would be disheartened if ice cream trucks and carts were to vanish into obscurity. Yet triumphantly, the company now empowers consumers with the opportunity to turn the tide for local ice cream vendors. By offering their votes online, ice cream aficionados can assist a deserving vendor in securing a significant grant that could revolutionize their business and keep the enchantment of ice cream trucks alive in their neighborhoods.

In a spirited display of commitment to spread delight, Good Humor announces the latest round of the Neighborhood Joy Grant Program—an initiative dedicated to supporting local American ice cream vendors. Today, the spotlight shines on establishing the Joy Driver of the Year—the most prestigious distinction of the Good Humor Neighborhood Joy Grant Program. Out of over 200 entrants, 16 semifinalists were carefully selected and each granted $5,000 to foster their ventures. From these admirable candidates, five finalists emerged, each with stirring narratives of their enterprise and aspirations for the transformative potential of the grant. The final contenders for the Joy Driver of the Year title are:

  • Joshua Malatino of Amsterdam, NY
  • Alice Kimbrough of Jacksonville, FL
  • Kathy Conte of Oceanport, NJ
  • Philip Smith representing Bay City and The Great Lakes Bay Area, MI
  • Zoe Green of Kaneohe, HI

"Our Neighborhood Joy Program is rooted in the ethos of support for those who serve as the emissaries of our brand—the dedicated ice cream truck drivers, pushcart operators, and vendors who breathe life into the joyous tradition of mobile ice cream delivery," expressed Bentley King, U.S. Head of Ice Cream Operations at Unilever. "These touching stories of hardship and triumph from our finalists not only resonate deeply with us but also invigorate our resolve to continue cherishing the irreplaceable value these vendors bring to their communities."

The public is invited to cast their votes in favor of the Good Humor Joy Driver of the Year, with the polling lines open up until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 14, 2024. Discover the compelling stories of the finalists and help decide who should receive this coveted acknowledgment by voting here.

One can engage further with Good Humor's efforts to uplift the ice cream mobile vending community by following their engaging and informative content on channels such as Good Humor Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the Neighborhood Joy Vendor Hub on GoodHumor.com.

Delving into the historical tapestry of the ice cream culture, Good Humor® spearheaded a scrumptious revolution over a century ago with the introduction of the first ice cream on a stick and not long after, the original ice cream truck in Youngstown, Ohio. Today, Good Humor continues to be a purveyor of delightful frozen desserts that bring smiles and sweet moments to people all over America.

About Unilever in North America, it positions itself at the forefront as a global leader in the supply chain of Beauty & Wellbeing, Personal Care, Home Care, Nutrition, and Ice Cream products. Boasting sales in more than 190 countries and integrating into the daily lives of 3.4 billion people, Unilever's 127,000 strong workforce generated €59.6 billion in sales in just the previous year of 2023.

The conglomerate's North American footprint features prominent brands such as Dove, Hellmann's, Vaseline, Degree, Axe, TRESemmé, Knorr, Magnum, Ben & Jerry's, Nutrafol, Liquid I.V., Paula's Choice, and Dermalogica. These brands collectively constitute a substantial breadth of offerings that impact a vast demographic, continuously redefining the essence of quality consumer products.

To explore more about Unilever U.S. and its array of brands, interested individuals are encouraged to visit www.unileverusa.com, while insights into Unilever Canada and its distinctive brands can be found by visiting www.unilever.ca.

For any inquiries or information regarding this exciting initiative, contact the media liaison: Rachel Kastil at [email protected].

More information about the campaign and the brand's enduring dedication to spreading joy can be sourced directly from Good Humor.

Source: Good Humor

Good Humor understands that the ice cream truck is not just a vehicle but a beacon of pleasure, a purveyor of sweet, frosty treats that not only beat the summer heat but also serve as a social cornerstone, a community touchstone, evoking fond childhood memories and creating new ones. The prospect of helping sustain these cherished traditions by selecting a vendor who epitomizes the spirit of their community is not just an act of preservation, but also an active celebration of local entrepreneurship and communal joy.

Building on decades of innovation and the joyous traditions of yesteryears, Good Humor remains committed to its legacy of creating memorable experiences for all ages. By involving the public in the joyous decision-making process, Good Humor entrusts the American people to recognize and reward the unsung heroes of summer—the hardworking ice cream vendors.

In an era where modern-day challenges could spell the end of such cherished customs, the Neighborhood Joy Grant Program shines as a beacon of hope. It symbolizes a collective endeavor to preserve the jovial essence of ice cream trucks and carts. It's a pronouncement that acknowledges not only the sweetness of frozen delights but also the warmth of communal kinship fostered with every ring of the ice cream truck's bell.

As the sun sets on another day and the ice cream trucks make their final rounds, echoing their jingles into the twilight, it is this steadfast connection—this shared journey of community engagement and support—that Good Humor aims to celebrate and magnify. Each vote cast in the Neighborhood Joy Grant Program is a vote for sustaining the magic of childhood summers, a vote for the ice cream vendors who serve more than just treats—they serve memories.

In closing, the Neighborhood Joy Grant Program initiated by Good Humor stands as a testament to the company's dedication to enriching lives—one ice cream cone at a time. It is a call to action for people to come together and support the local vendors who continue to sprinkle joy across America's neighborhoods.

As we edge closer to Saturday, April 14, 2024, let us rally behind these vendors whose very livelihood contributes to the fabric of our society, adding color, flavor, and joy to our collective experience. Your vote holds power—it has the ability to uplift and transform a local vendor's dream into a vibrant reality. It is not just a vote, but a heartfelt gesture that continues to propel the legacy of Good Humor forward, ensuring that the sweet melody of the ice cream truck continues to resonate for generations to come.

This endeavor mirrors our societal values—where community involvement, support, and recognition are pivotal. It exhibits a brand's capability to harness its heritage and channel it towards advancing not only its story but also the narratives of those it serves and empowers.

So, answer the delightful clarion call from Good Humor—contribute your vote today and be part of a movement that ensures the melodic hum of the ice cream truck remains an enduring anthem in the symphony of American summer.

Every scoop, every smile, every chilled treat handed from the window of an ice cream truck or cart is a moment of joy—a moment Good Humor and Unilever celebrate and are committed to preserving. Through the simple act of casting a vote, you too can join in on the mission to sustain the legacy and the simple pleasures that come with a visit from the local ice cream vendor.

Celebrate the arrival of summer, the joy of community, and the sweet taste of supporting a dream. Take a moment, read the stories, embrace the spirit, and vote for the joy that you wish to see thriving on your neighborhood streets.

In the spirit of celebration and communal joy, we invite everyone to partake in this joyous occasion. Embrace the warmth of summer, bask in the joy of giving, and remember: every vote matters, every story holds weight, and every grant awarded is a chapter in the ongoing story of America’s passion for ice cream.

Your engagement can make a world of difference for a local vendor. Your choice can fan the flame of entrepreneurial spirit and keep a treasured tradition pulsing with vigor in the heart of your community. Vote now, and let the good times roll.

As the Good Humor ice cream trucks prepare to roam the streets this summer, filled with classic flavors and new delights, the company invites you to play a critical role in shaping what this summer and many more will look like. By voting in the Neighborhood Joy Grant Program, you become part of the legacy. You become part of the lore that ushers in the joyful cadence of bells and tunes that have called generations to gather and savor a moment of sweet reprieve.

Let us band together to champion the visionaries behind the wheel—the vendors whose hard work and love of service can continue to be the highlight of the summer season.