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United Road Hires Anthony Clevio as SVP to Boost Logistics Leadership


Benjamin Hughes

May 6, 2024 - 13:47 pm


United Road Appoints New Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Amid Industry Growth

PLYMOUTH, Mich., May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- United Road, North America's forefront operator in finished vehicle transport logistics, is taking a bold stride in enhancing its leadership team. Mark Anderson, United Road's esteemed Chairman and CEO, recently made a significant announcement naming Anthony Clevio as the new Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. This strategic appointment aims to further cement the company's dominance in the transport logistics field across North America.

Clevio, a seasoned professional with an impressive track record, brings to United Road a wealth of experience from his extensive tenure in the automotive industry. Before his new venture, Clevio was instrumental in shaping the global logistics strategies at General Motors as the Global Logistics Director of Finished Vehicle Logistics. He leaves behind a legacy of his 17-year career with the prominent automaker, where he excelled in various capacities including purchasing, order fulfillment, supply chain, and operations management.

Educated to expertly navigate the intricate world of supply chain management, Clevio is a decorated academic with a Bachelor of Arts in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University, attained in 1999. His expertise is also backed by a Master of Business Administration from Wayne State University, which he earned in 2014. This strong educational foundation has provided him with the tools to drive success in his professional endeavors.

Driving Excellence in Finished Vehicle Logistics

Anderson extolled the mission of United Road as being the beacon of excellence for both employees and suppliers within the industry. "We are confident that Anthony, with his extensive experience and shared values, is well-positioned to identify opportunities in our markets and manage industry challenges. His unwavering commitment to customer excellence aligns with ours," Anderson expressed with regard to Clevio's appointment.

Clevio's response echoed a sentiment of pride and readiness as he stepped into his new role. He remarked, "I know United Road well. They are the largest and best in the finished vehicle transport industry, and their culture is strong. Coming from a logistics and supply chain background, I bring a customer's view. I'm proud to be part of a team that continues to excel and differentiate itself in the industry." It is evident that Clevio sees his past experiences not only as a strength but as a unique perspective he can offer to elevate United Road's operations.

Anderson is eager to witness the new levels of success that will undoubtedly be brought about by Clevio’s leadership. The anticipation is for a continuance of relentless customer service and growth under Clevio’s guidance. United Road is persistent in their commitment to delight its burgeoning client base, a number that exceeds 10,000 customers. "We look forward to Anthony's leadership and contributions as we continue our relentless customer service and growth journey, delighting each of our more than 10,000 customers," Anderson projected optimistically.

United Road: A Leader in Vehicle Logistics

United Road’s operations began in 1997 and have since evolved into a powerhouse within North America for finished vehicle logistics, boasting an annual transport volume of approximately 4 million vehicles. The organization is headquartered in the bustling city of Plymouth, Michigan, with operations extending across the United States and Canada. The company's robust infrastructure employs 1,200 manpower and utilizes the services of an additional 700 independent contractors, signifying its expansive scale of operations.

A National Network of Transport Excellence

The company prides itself on its integrated and diverse national network that harnesses the strength of 1,500 company-owned and independent contractor units. This fleet juggernaut boasts an overall capacity to transport 16,500 vehicles via its third-party carriers, reflecting its tremendous capability within the logistics industry.

United Road has carved a niche for itself in the complex ecosystem of vehicle logistics, being a preferred partner for a multitude of clients encompassing all major global vehicle manufacturers, automobile dealers, financial institutions, and fleet owners. Moreover, the company effectively serves auction establishments, online buyers and sellers, remarketers, rental companies, and individual clients, demonstrating its versatile and customer-centric approach.

Innovation and Accessibility – A Click Away

Staying true to its vision of innovation and customer accessibility, United Road maintains a strong online presence. Clients and interested parties seeking more information about the company's comprehensive services and unique industry approach are encouraged to visit www.unitedroad.com for a deeper insight into how United Road maintains its leading edge in vehicle transportation logistics.

Image Courtesy: Furthermore, to mark this new chapter, United Road has shared a headshot of Anthony Clevio, formerly with General Motors, showcasing him in his new capacity with United Road Services as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Clevio's photo is a visual depiction of the synergies between his notable experience and the company’s mission. The image, along with additional information about his role and the breadth of United Road's services, can be seen via the URL made available by PRNewswire:

Anthony Clevio Headshot

Looking Forward: The Road Ahead

United Road's strategic move to bring in Clevio is not just about fortifying its leadership ranks; it is about embracing change and being adaptive to the dynamic market requirements. With a clear-sighted vision to be the industry leader, the company is making calculated steps to reinforce its commitment to excellence through innovative strategies. United Road has its gaze set on revolutionizing logistics, prioritizing customer convenience and satisfaction at every turn, which is expected to magnify under the new leadership of Anthony Clevio. The appointment signifies a new era for the company, promising vigor and a dedicated focus on enhancing customer service paradigms within the vehicle transport sector.

About United Road Services

As a comprehensive source of information, United Road Services extends valuable insights into the logistics space, offering transparency and in-depth details about its services, operations, and corporate ethos. The company remains a beacon of industry standards and practices, seeking to provide the ultimate service experience to its extensive clientele.

In Conclusion

The union of Clevio's expertise with United Road’s established market presence is poised to forge a dynamic trajectory for the company. As the industry observes this pivotal transition, there is an air of eager anticipation regarding the fresh contributions Clevio will make to the already illustrious legacy of United Road. It is an evolving story of strategic leadership steering an industry giant towards future milestones. The shared goal is to undeniably affirm the brand's position as the premier source for finished vehicle transport logistics in North America and beyond.

Implementing a strategy that anchors on foresight and adaptability, United Road is navigating the evolving industry waters with grace and authority. The reinforcement of its executive team with Anthony Clevio’s appointment as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing is a testament to the company's ambition to expand its horizons and bring unmatched service to its growing customer base. United Road's trajectory is evidently steadfast, guided by expertise and driven by a commitment to exceed current industry standards.

As the news of Anthony Clevio's appointment settles, it emphasizes the overarching strategy that United Road is implementing. It tells a tale of meticulous planning, strategic hiring, and sustained commitment to delivering unparalleled service. With innovations on the horizon and a visionary at the helm of its sales and marketing, United Road looks to drive forward as the industry's premier partner for efficient, reliable, and comprehensive vehicle transport logistics solutions.

United Road exemplifies the caliber of excellence that only a leader in finished vehicle transport logistics can manifest. With a cutting-edge fleet, extensive network, and an impressive roster of clients, the company is both an emblem of success and a touchstone for the future of logistics. It advances with unified leadership and a clear mission, benchmarking an exceptional service standard that only a select few can parallel.

To learn more about United Road and its unmatched array of transport services, or to witness the journey of Anthony Clevio as he undertakes his role in steering the company to new heights, visit their website at United Road Services. Become part of United Road's story, where the roads of innovation, customer satisfaction, and strategic vision are designed to converge.