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U-Haul of Spanish Springs Now Fuels Success with Propane Service Expansion


Benjamin Hughes

March 20, 2024 - 17:28 pm


U-Haul of Spanish Springs Enhances Services with Propane Offerings

SPARKS, Nev., March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a recent development, U-Haul Moving & Storage of Spanish Springs has proudly announced the expansion of their services with the introduction of propane at their establishment located at 11425 Digital Court in Sparks. This strategic addition is anticipated to cater to the growing demand for propane solutions within the community.

Scott Johnson, the Propane Manager at U-Haul, expressed enthusiasm over the new service, highlighting the impeccable timing for the launch. "The introduction of propane services at our Sparks facility couldn't have come at a better time," he remarked. Johnson invites the local populace to avail themselves of the new amenity, assuring them of top-notch service. He added, "We are eager for our neighbors to visit us for a propane refill and benefit from our certified experts' complimentary safety checks that include tank inspection, new tank sleeve replacement, and a free dust plug."

Now Offering Propane Refills

U-Haul of Spanish Springs now stands equipped to properly refill propane tanks, a service that is crucial for various residential and commercial needs. This category addition reflects the company's commitment to providing convenient and comprehensive services to its customers.

For local patrons interested in utilizing these newly launched services, U-Haul of Spanish Springs can be reached at (775) 425-3876. Additionally, they welcome visitors during their operating hours, which are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays; extended hours of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Fridays; and a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule on Sundays.

Easy Access to Propane Refill Locations

To further enhance customer experience, U-Haul has made it effortless to find propane refill locations through their website. Interested individuals can locate their nearest propane services at uhaul.com/propane. This user-friendly feature ensures that customers can easily access refill services when required.

Boasting over 1,200 locations across the United States and Canada offering propane, U-Haul reinforces its reputation for convenience and customer satisfaction. They take pride in their extensive network of stores, open every day of the week and all year round, with the only exception being Christmas Day.

A Commitment to Propane Safety and Accessibility

As U-Haul integrates propane into their array of offerings, they underscore the commitment to safety, providing complimentary inspections at their stores. Trained and certified technicians are available to review the condition of each propane cylinder and ensure it adheres to all safety standards, providing customers not only with a refill but also peace of mind.

The reach of U-Haul's propane services is broad, ranging from refilling barbecue tanks to accommodating RVs and food trucks. Their skilled technicians are well-versed in handling a wide array of tank sizes, including ASME tanks, 100-pound cylinders, forklift tanks, and even more specialized containers.

U-Haul is dedicated to serving the needs of customers who rely on propane, not only for everyday uses but also during times of emergency. Their infrastructure remains open and accessible, even amidst inclement weather and natural disasters, reaffirming their commitment to being a reliable source for emergency propane needs, such as portable heating and power supply.

U-Haul at the Forefront of Autogas Solutions

Notably, U-Haul has established itself as the leading name in Autogas infrastructure within North America. The extensive network they have developed serves both personal and commercial vehicles that operate on propane as an alternative fuel. This move mirrors the increasing demand for cleaner fuel options and represents U-Haul's dedication to environmental consciousness and innovative solutions.

About U-HAUL

Since its inception in 1945, U-Haul has become the undisputed choice for individuals embracing a do-it-yourself approach to moving. With an astonishing network of over 23,000 rental locations spread across all 50 United States and 10 Canadian provinces, accessibility to their services is nearly unparalleled.

Enhancements to the U-Haul application have made the rental process more seamless than ever. The app's self-dispatch and self-return options allow customers to manage their rental truck anytime, benefiting from the patented Live Verify technology. The support from their clientele has led to impressive growth, with the U-Haul fleet currently boasting 192,200 trucks, 138,500 trailers, and 44,500 towing devices.

As one of North America’s leading self-storage operators, U-Haul claims significant market share, offering 967,000 rentable storage units and managing an expansive 83.3 million square feet of storage space. The brand’s prevalence is also notable in the retail propane sector and in the automotive aftermarket industry, where it ranks as the top installer of permanent trailer hitches.

Keen customers can download the U-Haul app from the App Store or Google Play to enjoy convenient access to the full range of U-Haul services.

Customer-First Approach

Jeff Lockridge, a spokesperson for U-Haul, is available for any inquiries and further information regarding their services. To reach him, individuals can utilize the provided contact details which include email, phone, and the company’s official website, uhaul.com.

U-Haul’s announcement of adding propane to its already extensive list of services at the Spanish Springs location in Sparks is aligned with their ongoing mission to cater to the evolving needs of consumers. Be it for those preparing for a backyard barbecue, or businesses and travelers with larger propane needs, U-Haul demonstrates its desire to be a one-stop-shop solution.

Meeting Customer Needs Year-Round

The company’s commitment to serving its customers knows no bounds. Open seven days a week and closing only for Christmas, U-Haul ensures that individuals can access moving, storage, and now propane supplies without interruption. Their customer-centric business model, coupled with an extensive service network, ensures that customers' convenience and satisfaction are always a top priority.

In conclusion, with its latest initiative to provide propane services, U-Haul of Spanish Springs is set to meet the needs of the Sparks community and beyond. Propane users can look forward to high-quality fuel, expert handling, and the exceptional service that has become synonymous with the U-Haul name.

For more information or to schedule a propane refill, contact U-Haul of Spanish Springs at the number provided, or visit their website to find a refill location near you. Embrace the efficiency and safety that come with U-Haul’s new propane services, and join the multitude of satisfied customers benefiting from their commitment to excellence.

While this article has highlighted the significant expansion of services by U-Haul of Spanish Springs, it must be noted that it represents only a single facet of U-Haul’s extensive offerings designed to make the lives of their customers easier. With their steadfast approach towards integrating services that reflect consumer needs, U-Haul continues to be an industry leader, redefining convenience and customer service in the moving, storage, and now, propane markets.

U-Haul, the name customers trust for moving, storage, and now propane.

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