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The Trans Mountain Pipeline's Last Stretch: Boosting Canada's Oil Influence


Benjamin Hughes

March 20, 2024 - 19:56 pm


Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion: Canada's Oil Frontier Nears Completion

Construction on the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

As Canada edges closer to the finish line of an ambitious energy infrastructure undertaking, the Trans Mountain expansion project in Burnaby, British Columbia, anticipates revealing its startup date within the next several weeks. Workers are currently tackling the most challenging phase—burrowing through the dense rock of British Columbia's formidable Fraser Valley to complete the final segment of the 715-mile pipeline.

Final Countdown to Activation

"The upcoming weeks are pivotal regarding our ability to commence operations in the second quarter," stated Trans Mountain's Chief Financial and Strategy Officer Mark Maki during an interview at the recent CERAWeek by S&P Global conference. Maki expressed growing confidence in the project, adding, "With each passing day, we feel increasingly optimistic about the startup."

In what could be described as a Herculean effort, the last hurdle involves expanding a 1.6-mile section of the pipeline route. This widening process will accommodate a pipe with a diameter of nearly 2 1/2 feet. Following the construction and thorough testing phases, the pipeline will experience its first flood of crude oil—a significant step in initiating operation.

Towards the Inaugural Flow

The operational preparatory phase began last summer with partial filling of completed segments. Upon finalizing construction, a staggering 2.1 million barrels of oil will surge through the line, marking the culmination of a project that has been over a decade in the making. While Maki stopped short of committing to an exact date for the service commencement, despite reports of Alberta Premier Danielle Smith mentioning a May startup, anticipation is undeniably high among stakeholders.

A Decade in the Making: The Project's Journey

The Trans Mountain expansion has been a long-standing endeavor, first conceived 12 years ago. It gained significant prominence as a key initiative under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's leadership. The Canadian government took a decisive step by purchasing the project from Kinder Morgan Inc. in 2018 amidst mounting delays. Since then, Trans Mountain has provided near-daily updates to its crude shippers, emphasizing the importance of transparent communication throughout the construction process.

Soaring Costs and Expectations

As the journey reaches its climax, costs have ballooned to a level almost six times the initial estimates, reaching nearly C$34 billion. Maki cautioned that this figure could see further adjustments, contingent upon how the final phase of construction unfolds. However, he remains hopeful that by 2025, the pipeline will operate at its designated full capacity, signaling a significant boost to Canada's oil transport capabilities.

Looking to the Future

Trans Mountain's expansion signals not just Canada's commitment to enhancing its energy infrastructure but also its dedication to meeting ongoing demands for fuel and energy resources. The completion of this project is set to bolster economic growth, create numerous job opportunities, and assert Canada's position in the global oil market. It stands as a testimony to the nation's willpower to overcome natural and fiscal challenges to deliver a project of this magnitude.

Strengthening Trade Ties

In related developments, shining a light on the pipeline's potential even before its completion, Sinochem, a Chinese conglomerate, has procured its first batch of oil cargo sourced from the very pipeline that threads through Canada's picturesque landscapes. This transaction is symbolic, heralding the Trans Mountain pipeline as a major artery in the global energy trade.

For detailed insights on the pipeline's progress and what this means for the future of Canadian oil transport, visit Bloomberg.


As we await the official debut of the Trans Mountain pipeline, the energy sector watches with bated breath. This conduit is more than a channel for crude oil; it is a hallmark of Canadian perseverance and innovation. While the exact date of activation remains a closely guarded secret, the buzz it has created is palpable across the industry. Upon completion, the Trans Mountain expansion is poised to redefine the benchmarks of energy infrastructure projects, not just within Canada, but on a global scale.

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