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Simmons Bank Spearheads Modern Financial Services with New Pine Bluff Branch


Benjamin Hughes

March 28, 2024 - 17:18 pm


Simmons Bank Ushers in a New Era of Financial Services in Pine Bluff with State-of-the-Art Branch

PINE BLUFF, Ark., March 28, 2024 – The community of Pine Bluff witnessed a significant stride in banking services accessibility and quality as Simmons Bank celebrated the opening of a new, technologically advanced financial center. The ceremony marked the inauguration of the latest addition to the Pine Bluff landscape located at 1400 E. Harding Ave, expanding the bank's presence with now five full-service branches throughout the city.

Chad Pittillo, the community president of Simmons Bank in Pine Bluff, addressed the importance of the new facility during the grand opening. "The establishment of our East Harding location symbolizes our unwavering commitment to the Pine Bluff residents and their community. Our vision transcends mere convenience; we aim to broaden the accessibility to an array of desired products and services that caters to our customers' dynamic financial needs," Pittillo commented.

Spanning a generous 3,780 square feet, the financial center boasts a comprehensive suite of banking services. It includes a full-service branch, accompanied by a drive-thru lane for swift transactional services and an ATM equipped with advanced deposit features. The team of associates stationed at the center is poised to deliver a complete gamut of financial services tailored to individual, commercial, and mortgage lending needs, as well as holistic wealth management services.

Flynco Inc. has been recognized for its construction expertise in bringing the center to completion, while the acclaimed architectural firm Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects has been acknowledged for providing the innovative design that shapes the new structure. Together, these entities have contributed significantly to the manifestation of the bank's vision for a modern banking experience in Pine Bluff.

About Simmons Bank

Continuing the legacy of financial excellence, Simmons Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Simmons First National Corporation (NASDAQ: SFNC), boasts an impressive track record of dispensing cash dividends for an uninterrupted span of 115 years. The bank's operational footprint extends over a robust network of 234 branches across multiple states including Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Founded in 1903, Simmons Bank has carved out a reputation for delivering comprehensive financial solutions with a distinct client-centric approach.

In a recent acknowledgment of its outstanding workplace environment and banking services, Simmons Bank has been lauded by Forbes as "America's Best Midsize Employer." Furthermore, Forbes has also named Simmons Bank among the "World's Best Banks" for the fourth consecutive year, solidifying its stance as a leading institution in the global banking sector.

For those eager to delve deeper into the bank's history, offerings, and achievements, additional information about Simmons Bank can be accessed through their official website, simmonsbank.com. Interested individuals are also encouraged to follow its updates on X (formerly Twitter) via @Simmons_Bank, or to explore the wealth of insights and news available in the Simmons Bank newsroom.

A New Hub of Financial Dynamism

The recent unveiling of Simmons Bank's newest financial center reflects a deep appreciation for modern banking requirements and adapts to the evolving landscape of customer services. As an essential part of urban infrastructure, this new branch is not just a building but a hub of financial empowerment for the Pine Bluff community.

As the attendees toured the state-of-the-art facility, it was evident that considerable thought had been placed into its design and layout to streamline customer interactions while providing an atmosphere conducive to meaningful financial consultations.

The East Harding Avenue branch seamlessly merges traditional banking values with futuristic conveniences. Features such as the drive-thru lane cut down time spent on transactions, allowing customers to complete their banking with unprecedented efficiency. Furthermore, the deposit-capable ATM signifies an advancement in self-service banking, catering to the needs of customers who are increasingly seeking autonomy in managing their financial transactions.

Branch associates, well-versed in a spectrum of services, are at the forefront of this transformation. They stand ready to assist clients, whether it's a young professional seeking financial advice for their first home purchase, a seasoned entrepreneur planning to optimize their business's financial strategy, or a retiree looking into wealth management options to secure their future. This personalized approach to customer service sets the East Harding Avenue branch apart as a beacon of custom solution-oriented banking.

Expanding its Reach for Community Development

Simmons Bank's expansion in Pine Bluff aligns with the broader objective of fostering economic development within the community it serves. By increasing its presence, the bank not only brings top-tier financial services to the area but also helps stimulate the local economy through job creation and supporting local enterprises.

As a historical entity that has stood the test of time, Simmons Bank integrates a century's worth of industry insights with a forward-thinking perspective. The bank prides itself on adapting to market trends and technological advancements, ensuring it remains a competitive and reliable entity both now and in the years to come.

Commitment to Stability and Growth

The grand opening of the Pine Bluff financial center symbolizes Simmons Bank's commitment to stability and growth within the banking industry. An unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and community enrichment underpins the bank's operations. The new branch is not merely a physical expansion but an embodiment of the bank's vision to stand as a pillar of financial reliability and innovation in its communities.

As a historic institution, Simmons Bank's commitment to providing dividends for over a century is a testament to its financial stability and dedication to its shareholders. The consistency in which the bank has handled its financial responsibilities highlights its credibility and the trust it has built with its clientele.

Recognition by Forbes: A Testament to Excellence

The double accolade from Forbes places Simmons Bank in an elite category, distinguishing it as a top-tier employer and one of the most reputable banks in the world. These recognitions serve as endorsements of the bank's operational excellence, customer service quality, and an exemplary work environment, all of which contribute to its overall success and reputation. The awards are reflective of the bank's employee-centric culture and the high standards it sets in the banking sector.

Forward-Thinking Digital Engagement

In today's digital age, Simmons Bank acknowledges the importance of online engagement with its customers and the wider community. By maintaining an active presence on platforms like X, the bank demonstrates its commitment to transparent communication and staying connected with the public. This digital strategy complements the physical accessibility provided by the bank’s branches.

Additionally, the Simmons Bank newsroom serves as a vital resource for those interested in the bank's latest updates, insights into financial trends, and its thought leadership in the banking industry. The bank's proactive approach to information sharing underscores its dedication to being a knowledge leader and a trusted advisor in financial matters.


Simmons Bank's latest Pine Bluff financial center is at the forefront of a new chapter in banking for the local community. Through its comprehensive services, commitment to client satisfaction, and engagement in economic growth, Simmons Bank is not only a catalyst for financial empowerment but also an essential part of Pine Bluff's future development. The bank's storied past and promising future invite customers to be part of a tradition of excellence that continues to evolve with the times.

Pine Bluff now has at its disposal a banking institution that marries tradition with innovation – Simmons Bank – a steadfast partner in the financial well-being and progress of its residents and businesses.

Simmons Bank is the source of this new addition to Pine Bluff's banking sector, promising an enhanced customer experience and an array of financial services designed to meet the community's diverse needs.