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Selvita S.A. Pioneers Antibody Discovery, Marking Biologics as Research Priority


Lauren Miller

March 18, 2024 - 08:47 am


Selvita S.A. Unveils Strategic Expansion Into Therapeutic Antibody Discovery, Earmarking Biologics as a New Frontier

KRAKOW, Poland, March 18, 2024 – Selvita S.A. [WSE: SLV], a trailblazing entity in preclinical research, publicized its ambitious move to significantly diversify its offerings today and delve into the burgeoning field of biologic drug discovery and development. This transformative initiative encompasses the integration of comprehensive therapeutic antibody discovery and development capabilities into its existing service portfolio, catapulting Selvita into the forefront of biologic research.

Launch of a New Research Front

The company has revealed plans to amass a highly skilled cadre of specialists focused on the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies. Selvita's commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by its investment in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities—premises where innovation and discovery are anticipated to thrive.

Selvita's strategic leap into the dynamic domain of biologic drug discovery and development is punctuated by the unveiling of a broad array of antibody-related services. This new venture will span myriad essential activities integral to the discovery of therapeutic antibodies, aligning itself with the current and emergent needs within the pharmaceutical landscape.

Expansion in Wroclaw Deepens Research Capabilities

In alignment with its expansion, Selvita will inaugurate a novel research site in Wroclaw, Poland. Here, over 400 square meters of cutting-edge laboratory facilities, replete with the necessary infrastructure, will serve as a bedrock for scientific exploration and innovation. The company has already secured vital laboratory equipment needed for breakthrough research studies in antibody discovery.

The genesis of this site sees Selvita hiring 16 highly experienced scientific minds, previously part of Pure Biologics, who bring a wealth of knowledge in the sphere of antibody engineering. Selvita harbors aspirations to double this new team's size within the forthcoming three years, indicating a significant vote of confidence in the future of their biologic endeavors.

Vision and Endeavor for Comprehensive Offerings

Dr. Milosz Gruca, Chief Commercial Officer and Executive VP at Selvita, voiced palpable enthusiasm: "We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our services portfolio with a comprehensive range of capabilities dedicated to the discovery and development of antibody-based drugs. Leveraging the state-of-the-art research infrastructure and exceptional team of scientists at our Wroclaw site, we are poised to deliver highly sought-after capabilities to our clients. These capabilities perfectly complement Selvita's existing protein chemistry offerings. This strategic decision underscores our dedication and ambition to broaden our services portfolio beyond small molecules. Antibody discovery and development form the cornerstone of our expansion into a comprehensive suite of services for biologics drug discovery and development."

With biologics emerging as the fastest-growing sector within life sciences, Selvita anticipates this strategic maneuver to present tremendous potential. "We eagerly anticipate welcoming our new colleagues and seamlessly integrating the Wroclaw site into Selvita's operations," added Dr. Gruca.

New Horizons in Biologic Drug Discovery

This foray into biologic drugs discovery and development heralds a significant broadening of Selvita's horizons while simultaneously unlocking new markets and opportunities. By venturing into this novel domain, Selvita seeks to enhance its existing portfolio, historically focused on small molecules' discovery and development. The new services for biologics are set to coalesce seamlessly with Selvita's current repertoire of producing high-quality recombinant proteins and a plethora of structural biology services. These include recombinant antibody production in diverse formats, antibody chimerization, bispecific antibody engineering, isotype switching, and a gamut of mAbs-based assays.

This strategic progression is poised to position Selvita with a comprehensive and competitive offering of "All Under One Roof" Protein Services. The goal is to fulfill the evolving needs and exceed the expectations of its current and potential clientele, cementing its role as an invaluable partner for companies seeking premier-quality services in this sector.

Meeting the Market's Versatile Needs

With a broad spectrum of capabilities addressing both small molecules and biological drugs, Selvita is well-prepared to cater to a diverse array of client demands. This strategic move equips the company to tap effectively into the rapidly transforming biological drugs market, acknowledging the multitude of opportunities that accompany such change.

An Overview of Selvita's Legacy and Mission

Selvita stands proud as one of Europe's premier preclinical contract research organizations, driven by a mission to bridge the gap between early drug discovery phases and the onset of clinical-stage development. The company endeavors to provide exhaustive solutions that support clients' drug discovery projects across a rich tapestry of therapeutic areas, with a keen focus on infectious diseases, inflammation, fibrosis, and oncology.

Offering either standalone services or fully integrated drug discovery and development solutions, Selvita caters to a range of requirements from early drug discovery through to preclinical development for both small molecule compounds and therapeutic antibodies. Additionally, Selvita extends analytical support for drug development, including contract testing studies.

Established in 2007, Selvita has etched a global presence with nearly 900 highly qualified employees, over 40% of whom hold a PhD degree. The company’s research facilities stretch across Krakow (headquarters), Poznan, and Wroclaw in Poland, with an additional site in Zagreb, Croatia. Selvita's international offices are strategically located in Cambridge, MA, and the San Francisco Bay Area, U.S., as well as Cambridge, UK, underlining its international reach and collaborative potential.

Selvita Group's Synergy Through Ardigen

Also encompassed within the Selvita Group portfolio is Ardigen, a bioinformatics firm that is pioneering novel precision medicine through the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence methods. This subsidiary employs over 150 professionals, further amplifying the group's intellectual and technical capabilities.

Access Further Information

Selvita [WSE: SLV] is publicly traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, reflecting its established stature within the scientific community. For more comprehensive information regarding Selvita's aspirations, services, and its profound impact on the realm of drug discovery and development, please peruse their official website at Selvita's homepage.

Company's Endorsement

"Selvita is proud to fortify its strategic vision of comprehensive service offerings with the significant expansion into biologic drug discovery and development," the company states in endorsement of its new initiative.

In Conclusion

Selvita S.A.'s strategic initiative to expand its service portfolio, particularly into the promising field of biologic drug discovery and development, is a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence. The move is well-calculated, with the intention of broadening its scientific expertise and enhancing its infrastructure to cater to the evolving demands of the pharmaceutical industry. The impressive augmentation of its team with experts from Pure Biologics, coupled with the forthcoming advanced research facilities in Wroclaw, demonstrate the company's dedication to remaining at the vanguard of drug discovery services. With the life sciences sector witnessing extraordinary growth, specifically in the biologics space, Selvita's strategic expansion not only serves its business objectives but also signifies an exciting era of scientific potential and collaborative opportunities. Selvita's commitment to quality and its considerable track record in drug discovery make it an indispensable partner for businesses navigating the complex journey from molecule to medicine.

Selvita S.A. - a name synonymous with preclinical research excellence - is poised to play an even more crucial role in the future of biomedicine as it embarks on this new chapter of its story. The future of therapeutic antibody discovery and development undoubtedly looks brighter with Selvita's passionate pursuit of cutting-edge science and innovative biotechnological solutions.