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Securitas Unveils Milestone 2023 Report Championing Digital Sustainability


Lauren Miller

March 27, 2024 - 09:25 am


Securitas Releases Comprehensive 2023 Annual and Sustainability Report

In a significant announcement from the heart of Stockholm on March 27, 2024, Securitas has made its Annual and Sustainability Report for the year 2023 readily accessible to stakeholders worldwide. The comprehensive document that details the company's financial performance and sustainability initiatives is now available for review and download on the Securitas website at Securitas Financial Reports and Presentations.

Digital Adoption for Sustainability

Taking a step further in their commitment to sustainability, Securitas has adopted a digital format for the dissemination of their report. To align with their objective to lessen their carbon footprint, the firm has opted not to print the report. In doing so, they join a growing number of corporations globally that are leveraging digital tools to reduce environmental impact.

For those interested in the Swedish version, it is also at their disposal on the Securitas website. The report follows the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF), ensuring easy access and navigation for all readers across the continent.

Contacting the Investors Relations Team

Investors seeking further information are encouraged to reach out directly to Micaela Sjökvist, the Vice President of Investor Relations at Securitas. As a primary point of contact, Micaela can be connected with via email, on [email protected], or through the number +46 76 116 7443, for detailed insights into the company's financial health and strategic sustainability engagements.

Compliance with Securities Markets Act

Securitas AB has fulfilled its legal obligations under the Securities Markets Act by making this report public. The submission for publication was completed at 10.00 CET on March 27, 2024, under the supervision of the appointed contact person, thus ensuring transparency and timely access to all interested parties.

Making Information More Accessible

To make certain that such critical information is conveyed to the public without impediment, Cision has taken on the task of distributing this news. For convenience, readers may visit the link Cision News which provides real-time updates and releases from a variety of sources, including Securitas.

An in-depth look at the report can be obtained through the following URLs provided by Cision:

In addition to the comprehensive report, two essential files have been made available for download to provide thorough insights into the operational and sustainability progress:

  • The English version of the Annual and Sustainability Report 2023, which can be accessed and downloaded in PDF format from Securitas ASR 2023 Eng (PDF)
  • The Swedish version assembled in a convenient zip file for Swedish readers and stakeholders, downloadable at Securitas 2023 Reports (ZIP)

Both these resources serve as a testament to Securitas's unwavering dedication to leading the industry not only in security solutions but also in corporate responsibility towards the environment.

In the pursuit of casting a wider net in transparency and engaging with its investors, Securitas maintains a robust communication channel through the dissemination of such reports. The company stands at the forefront of industry-wide initiatives to integrate and articulate the importance of sustainability within the fabric of financial reporting, thereby painting a clearer picture of their long-term vision and commitment.

As a SOURCE of truth and credibility in both security and corporate responsibility, Securitas assures its stakeholders that the strides made today towards a sustainable future are not just promises, but actions engraved in their operational blueprint. They underscore their pledge to create a safer and greener future with every detail laid out in the report, signaling to investors and partners alike the value bestowed upon corporate citizenship.


This digital adoption signifies Securitas's anticipation of future trends and their readiness to serve as a beacon of innovation not only in security services but also in corporate governance. Their move away from paper-based reporting is a bold step that fortifies their vision and sets a standard in the industry for environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

What stands out in this release is the availability of the report in the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF), a clear nod to the company's recognition of the importance of standardization and the ease of access for users across different regions. This format ensures that the report is compatible and easily interpreted within a standardized framework, bridging gaps and fostering understanding among diverse stakeholders, hence strengthening trust and collaboration.

Through the detailed Annual and Sustainability Report, Securitas not only sheds light on their financial undertakings but also weaves its sustainability endeavors into the narrative, showcasing a deep-seated culture of accountability and foresight. They transparently present their achievements, challenges, and the roadmap for sustainability, enabling stakeholders to track progress, understand risks, and apprehend the company's strategic responses to the ever-evolving business and environmental landscape.

The announcement of the release of these vital documents comes with an acknowledgement of the role played by Cision in ensuring that this critical information reaches a broad audience in a timely and efficient manner. The provision of the downloads, the English PDF document, and the Swedish ZIP file, further signifies the company's intent to cater to a wide demographic, providing convenience and facilitating informed decision-making.

It is evident that with these steps, Securitas is not only reaffirming its position as a leader in the security industry but also as a forward-thinking and responsible entity. The release of the Annual and Sustainability Report in such a broad and inclusive manner exemplifies the company's commitment to shareholder engagement, corporate transparency, and the integrative approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters.

By highlighting the climate impact reductions resulting from digital reports, Securitas sets a benchmark for other organizations to follow. The digital-first strategy underscores an awareness of the global call for sustainable practices and the increasing obligation for corporations to align with eco-friendly measures.

Investors, stakeholders, and individuals with keen interest in Securitas's journey towards sustainability and financial stability are cordially invited to delve into the details presented in the comprehensive 2023 report. It is through documents like these that the company's vision, strategy, and core values are communicated with clarity and purpose, fostering an environment of trust and anticipation for future accomplishments.

Securitas stands as a pioneer, poised at the convergence of security and sustainability, channeling their expertise and resources towards creating a more secure and sustainable world, one report at a time. The Annual and Sustainability Report for 2023 serves as a milestone, highlighting the company's maturity and ingenuity in adapting to the world's evolving demands.