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Secure and Score: Storage Post Renews Tie with NY Yankees for Spectacular Season


Michael Chen

March 27, 2024 - 12:59 pm


Storage Post Extends Official Partnership with the New York Yankees

In an enduring celebration of sports and storage, Storage Post Self Storage proudly announces the renewal of its partnership as the official self-storage partner of the beloved New York Yankees. This partnership renewal comes with the promise of increased visibility and engagement for fans and customers across the Bronx and beyond.

A Continued Winning Alliance in the Bronx

BRONX, N.Y., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- As the New York Yankees gear up for what is hoped to be a sensational season of baseball, Storage Post Self Storage has dedicated itself once more to being the team's official self-storage partner. With an impressive portfolio comprising 29 self-storage facilities in the expansive New York City metropolitan area, of which five are strategically located in the Bronx—the home territory of the storied New York Yankees—the business continues to align itself with excellence and tradition.

Enhancing the Fan Experience

As fans throng to the iconic Yankee Stadium, they will encounter the Storage Post Self Storage brand seamlessly integrated throughout the stadium experience. This includes high-visibility branding on concourse televisions and the employment of LED animations within the cavernous Great Hall, as well as dynamic in-field LED displays that will captivate the audience. The experience is extended to those at home or on the move, as virtual signage will adorn the backdrop of the pitcher's mound during select broadcasts on the YES Network and adventurous New Yorkers tuning into WFAN Radio for their Yankees fix will engage with Storage Post through tailored advertisements.

Furthermore, Storage Post will be leveraging this continued partnership to offer new customers exclusive perks such as a chance to score select New York Yankees game tickets via its streamlined website. This initiative not only incentivizes patronage but also reinforces Storage Post's status as an "Official Self Storage Partner."

Words from the Company Executives

The renewed alliance is met with great enthusiasm from Storage Post's leadership, with Billy Palmer, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and General Counsel, expressing his excitement about the partnership. Palmer believes that this alliance will herald another winning season for the Yankees, a sentiment that encapsulates the mutual aspirations of both storied organizations.

In step with the partnership, Storage Post's acquisitions team is setting the pace for substantial growth this year. They have crafted an ambitious strategy to bolster their presence through the judicious addition of high-quality self-storage facilities. This expansion is envisioned to unfold through strategic acquisitions of existing properties, venture into ground-up development, and the careful selection of management contracts.

About Storage Post Self-Storage

Storage Post Self Storage stands out as a titan in the self-storage arena, driving a transformative approach within the industry. The brand is synonymous with high-caliber products, an unwavering commitment to operational excellence, and unrelenting positive customer service—all in the pursuit of elevating returns for its investors. Spanning the East Coast and the South, Storage Post is on an aggressive trajectory of growth through strategic acquisitions and fruitful development projects. Additional information is available on their website at www.storagepost.com.

About the New York Yankees

Carrying a legacy since 1903, the New York Yankees have carved out a reputation as the most storied team in the annals of Major League Baseball. The Yankees boast an unparalleled 27 championships and 40 World Series appearances, underscoring their dominance in the sport. Their hallowed home, Yankee Stadium, doubles as a tourist magnet in New York City and a versatile venue that hosts a myriad of events including the Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl. The Yankees' formidable reputation transcends baseball, making their "NY" insignia one of the most globally recognized brands.

Direct Lines of Engagement

To deepen relationships and enhance strategic communications, Storage Post Self Storage provides direct contacts for acquisitions and media relations. Jack Giannola, the Director of Acquisitions, is accessible for opportunities related to property acquisitions, fostered by his expertise. He can be contacted at [email protected]

For media inquiries and marketing dialogues, Steve Gruver stands as the Director of Marketing, equipped to handle various aspects of Storage Post's market presence. He is reachable at [email protected]

Embracing the Future

As Storage Post Self Storage embraces this renewed liaison with the New York Yankees, the future holds a bright landscape filled with opportunities for both baseball aficionados and those seeking quality self-storage solutions. The company's commitment to expanding its services, coupled with engaging marketing strategies, positions it as a leader in the self-storage industry and a cherished partner of the New York Yankees.

In conclusion, Storage Post Self Storage's renewed partnership with the New York Yankees is a testament to the enduring ties between two organizations deeply rooted in the fabric of New York City. As patrons rally behind the Yankees in their quest for another championship, they can simultaneously rely on Storage Post for their storage needs—cementing a partnership that not only stands the test of time but also elevates the experience of living in and visiting New York City.

Your Storage Partner at Every Game

New York Yankees fans and Storage Post customers alike will benefit from a heightened sense of community and shared enthusiasm offered by this ongoing partnership. From the thrill of the game to the peace of mind afforded by secure storage solutions, the synergy between these two entities is a grand slam for everyone involved.

Looking Ahead

As the wind of change blows through the sails of both organizations, all eyes look to the horizon, anticipating the fruits of this reinforced partnership. For Storage Post, it means evolving and enlarging their reach and offerings. For the New York Yankees, continuing to build on a historic legacy of excellence. For fans and customers, it's about being part of something bigger—a thriving community united by passion, pride, and unwavering support for its champions, whether on the baseball diamond or in the realm of self-storage solutions.

The Value of Visibility

Among the many facets of the partnership, the visual presence of Storage Post at Yankee Stadium and during various broadcasts serves to remind us of the power of branding within iconic spaces. This strategic placement of Storage Post's brand elements amidst the excitement of games not only enhances spectator experience but also solidifies the brand's association with the legendary New York Yankees.

A Season to Remember

As the New York Yankees and Storage Post Self Storage step up to the plate for another season, the goal remains clear: to deliver a season that will be remembered for its victories, both on the field and in the hearts of the fans. With a partnership built on a shared vision of excellence and community engagement, the excitement is just beginning.

In this shared journey between Storage Post and the New York Yankees, it is not just about the games played but also about the legacies built and the memories cherished. Here's to the camaraderie that brings us together and the partnership that stands as a beacon of collective success for years to come.

The partnership between Storage Post Self Storage and the New York Yankees is more than a contractual agreement. It is a symbol of the unity and strength found in enduring relationships. As another chapter unfolds, fans can look forward to the continuous intersection of tradition and innovation—a combination that’s always winning in New York.

Contact Information

For further insight or engagement with Storage Post Self Storage, interested parties can find the sought-after information below:

  • Acquisitions Contact: Jack Giannola, Director of Acquisitions Phone: 201-679-6790 Email: [email protected]

  • Media Contact: Steve Gruver, Director of Marketing Phone: 404-201-6611 Email: [email protected]


Storage Post Self Storage www.storagepost.com

Thus, with the spirit of cooperation and advancement, Storage Post Self Storage and the New York Yankees stand poised for a future rich with potential and marked by a mutual commitment to delivering unmatched experiences. May this partnership continue to be a home run for all involved.

In the heart of the Bronx and across the wider New York City metro area, the enduring alliance of Storage Post Self Storage and the New York Yankees celebrates a fusion of storage solutions and sports excitement—an indelible mark of the city's thriving pulse.