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Sasol Reimagines Leadership with Executive Revamp for Peak Performance


Benjamin Hughes

April 3, 2024 - 08:11 am


Sasol Announces Organizational Restructure as It Streamlines Executive Leadership Team

JOHANNESBURG, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a strategic move to streamline its executive leadership, Sasol Limited has announced a restructuring of its Group Executive Committee (GEC) portfolios. This recalibration is set to take effect from the beginning of April 2024, marking a significant adjustment in the company's management to enhance its operational efficiency.

Executive Leadership Transformed

Sasol's newly reconfigured GEC comprises a diverse array of industry experts guiding the company's strategic direction. Mr. Simon Baloyi is appointed as the Executive Director, stepping into the dual role of President and Chief Executive Officer. This leap into the chief executive seat signifies a departure from prior leadership structures, poised to invigorate the company with a new perspective and agile leadership.

Mr. Hanré Rossouw takes on the financial helm as Executive Director and Group Chief Financial Officer, a critical position to ensure fiscal responsibility and maintain investor confidence during the ongoing industry evolutions. Mr. Rossouw's expertise is expected to play a pivotal role in steering Sasol's financial strategy and stability.

The commercial and legal aspects fall under the stewardship ofMr. Vuyo Kahla, appointed Executive Director and Executive Vice President. His encompassing responsibilities include Legal, Intellectual Property, Compliance, Assurance, Information Management, Supply Chain and Company Secretarial Services. Mr. Kahla's comprehensive portfolio ensures that Sasol's operations abide by the highest standards for legal and commercial operations, reflecting the company's commitment to integrity and efficiency.

Mining, a cornerstone of Sasol's operations, along with its ancillary sectors such as Risk, Safety, Health and Environment, will be overseen by Mr. Hermann Wenhold in his capacity as Executive Vice President. Embedding a culture of safety and rigorous risk management will be at the core of Mr. Wenhold's mission to foster sustainable practices within their mining endeavors.

On the operational front, Mr. Victor Bester steps in as Executive Vice President, leading Operations and Projects in Southern Africa. His role is intricately linked with safeguarding operational excellence and propelling growth through strategic projects within the region.

Within the realm of marketing and sales, which is increasingly vital in today's competitive energy and chemicals markets, Mr. Christian Herrmann takes on the role of Executive Vice President. His in-depth focus on Marketing and Sales for Energy and Chemicals in Southern Africa is anticipated to drive key business initiatives and reinforce Sasol's market position.

Human Resources and Corporate Affairs will be under the guidance of Ms. Charlotte Mokoena, appointed as Executive Vice President. Recognizing the enormous value of people in the organization, Ms. Mokoena's expertise will be invaluable in cultivating a work environment that promotes growth, development, and a strong corporate culture.

Striding towards innovation, Dr. Sarushen Pillay's portfolio as Executive Vice President encompasses Business Building, Strategy and Technology. The intricate blending of strategic foresight and technological advancements positions Dr. Pillay as a beacon for guiding the company's growth trajectory and innovation-led transformation.

Last but certainly not least, Mr. Brad Griffith, as the Executive Vice President of Chemicals Business, will be retiring on June 30, 2024. His impending succession will be the responsibility of Ms. Antje Gerber, joining Sasol and taking on the role of Executive Vice President: International Chemicals from mid-April 2024 - a strategic appointment designed to broaden Sasol's global reach and chemical expertise.

A Beacon of Information for Shareholders and Investors

Sasol invites all interested parties to remain informed about their transformation and ongoing ventures. For additional information, the Sasol Investor Relations team is ready to facilitate inquiries:

  • Tiffany Sydow, VP of Investor Relations, stands as the key contact for Sasol's Investor Relations, reachable via telephone at +27 (0) 71 673 1929 and by email, ensuring that stakeholders are kept abreast of Sasol's financial developments and outlook.

Sasol Limited is proud to provide this accessible communication channel for its investors, reflecting an ethos of transparency and responsiveness.

Further Engagement

For those seeking further details or wishing to stay updated with Sasol's future announcements, actions, and performance, the following contact details are provided:

  • Email: [email protected]

This move ensures a streamlined flow of information and enhances the understanding and confidence of shareholders and potential investors in the company's strategic direction.

Conclusion: Empowering a Sustainable Future

Sasol's latest strategic overhaul of its senior leadership team demonstrates its resolve to face the future with a balanced blend of experience, innovation, and a reinvigorated vision. Each executive's distinct role is meticulously designed to synergize with Sasol's overarching goals of sustainable growth, operational excellence, and stakeholder value creation.

The retirement and succession plans within the GEC illustrate Sasol's commitment to continuity in leadership and expertise, ensuring that the transfer of knowledge remains unhindered. As Ms. Antje Gerber takes over from Mr. Brad Griffith, her international proficiency is expected to infuse the chemicals business with fresh insights and a global perspective.

Sasol's adaptive restructuring sends a clear message to the market: it is prepared to evolve, innovate, and lead in an ever-changing energy and chemical landscape. With these leadership adjustments in motion, Sasol is more equipped than ever to navigate the intricacies of the global market while upholding its commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.

Connect with Sasol

Stakeholders, customers, and the broader public are encouraged to connect with Sasol for further updates and insights into their journey. Sasol Limited's transparent communication and stakeholder engagement strategies exemplify its dedication to building enduring relationships based on trust and shared objectives - nurturing a business environment where sustainability and innovation pave the way for inevitable success.

SOURCE: Sasol Limited

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