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Revolutionizing Representation: Lucky Break PR Unveils Groundbreaking DEI Division


Benjamin Hughes

March 22, 2024 - 00:33 am


Pioneering Diversity: Lucky Break PR Launches Impactful DEI Division

LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2024 – Lucky Break Public Relations (LBPR), the distinguished and comprehensive public relations enterprise with reputable success in their field, today introduced its avant-garde diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practice, aptly named Impact. This innovative specialty group has been conceived as a natural augmentation to LBPR's expansive services. It tenaciously supports its extensive and burgeoning network of for-profit and non-profit LGBTQ+ partners. This practice is designed to provide a multi-faceted level of assistance across a multitude of initiatives that operate on both local and national fronts. LBPR's commitment to diversity is reflected in its wide-ranging DEI client portfolio, which includes prominent organizations such as GLSEN, equalpride, the National LGBTQ Task Force, JJLA, OUTLOUD Music Festival, WeHo Pride, Capital Pride Alliance, H4M, InterPride, and the cutting-edge Love Inc. magazine.

Established through a legacy of decades-long experience, LBPR has been the beacon of guidance in pivotal moments for its clientele. The helm of this new practice is steered by none other than LBPR's Founder and Principal, Mike Stommel, and the Vice President of Communications, Mark Umbach. Their combined expertise and insights offer a sophisticated and contemplative approach to the dynamic media ecosystem.

Mike Stommel, LBPR's forward-thinking founder, expressed his enthusiasm for the new division, stating, "Impact is composed of a team emblematic of the diverse communicators who mirror the unique communities we represent. Our ability to deliver top-tier marketing communications consulting is unmatched, ensuring that we authentically capture the LGBTQ+ audience's attention, securing their engagement and fostering organizational expansion. The focal point for Impact will revolve around aiding our partners in thriving amidst a consumer marketplace that is divided, while steadfastly upholding their commitment to DEI principles."

Mark Umbach, the energetic practice lead, remarked on the firm's increased understanding of the imperativeness of uplifting the voices of marginalized and underestimated communities. "We profoundly recognize that incorporating diversity and enhancing visibility equates to empowering an organization and instigating impactful change. Through Impact, Lucky Break is positioned to bolster our partners' capabilities in cultivating this influential voice and commanding presence," he noted.

Celebrating a recent highlight, Lucky Break PR was honored with the coveted PRSA PRism Award. This is an illustrious awards program that celebrates the apex of public relations achievements. The recognition came for the agency's stellar representation of the 2023 OUTLOUD Music Festival orchestrated by JJLA, which significantly escalated the profile of queer music artists.

The agency's proficiency is not limited to events but pervades through actions such as reflecting on federal policy adjustments' impacts on community life or establishing new, accessible web portals. Moreover, LBPR renders rapid-response media relations support. With a keen and inventive ethos, the agency is seamlessly integrated into every facet of its clients' communication strategies, cementing itself as an invaluable partner in the non-profit and LGBTQ+ media stratum.

For those interested in exploring the comprehensive suite of services offered by Lucky Break PR, Founder Mike Stommel invites inquiries. To connect with the team and learn more about their strategic communication solutions, please reach out via email at [email protected].

About Lucky Break PR

Since its inception in 2010, Lucky Break Public Relations has cultivated a reputation as a minority-owned trailblazer in the public relations sector. It specializes in offering savvy marketing and innovative digital media strategies. The firm's clientele spans various industries, including entertainment, live events, non-profit sectors, sports marketing, hospitality, consumer product goods, architecture and design, health and wellness, and diversity marketing. Proudly based in Los Angeles, Lucky Break PR has strategically positioned itself as a renowned, globally acclaimed communications empire, with additional offices established in Washington, D.C., Austin, and New York.

In conclusion, LBPR's inexorable ascent in the field of public relations is a testament to its ability to evolve with the times, effectively advocate for social inclusivity, and champion the unique stories of the LGBTQ+ community. The introduction of Impact demonstrates a pivotal step forward for LBPR in its mission to not only shape the narratives but also to weave threads of diversity and representation into the rich tapestry of public discourse.


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