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Revitalizing Agriculture: Anheuser-Busch Introduces 'U.S. Farmed' Seal to Promote Local Sourcing


Michael Chen

March 27, 2024 - 15:58 pm


Championing American Agriculture: Anheuser-Busch Rolls Out 'U.S. Farmed' Initiative

In a significant display of support for American farmers and the broader agriculture sector, Anheuser-Busch has proudly announced the nationwide introduction of its 'U.S. Farmed' certification. Accompanied by a fresh packaging seal, this designation signifies that products are crafted using ingredients predominantly sourced from U.S. farms. This initiative underscores a long-standing commitment to the agricultural community, spotlighting the significant contributions of states such as Texas, where agricultural sales soared to $32.2 billion in 2022.

The 'U.S. Farmed' certification was developed in collaboration with the American Farmland Trust (AFT), a national nonprofit championing the cause of keeping farmers on their fertile grounds. Ensuring at least 95 percent of agricultural ingredients stem from American soil, the certification steers consumers toward products that support and bolster U.S. agriculture.

Anheuser-Busch stands as a staunch ally to American agrarians, including the rice growers in Texas, procuring more than $11 million yearly worth of rice essential for their flagship beer brands such as Budweiser and Bud Light. The 'U.S. Farmed' seal, debuting on Busch Light this May, and soon on Budweiser, Bud Light, and Michelob ULTRA signals Anheuser-Busch's reinforced commitment to buying domestically and fostering a robust future for the national agricultural sector.

This precedent invites other consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry frontrunners to seek the 'U.S. Farmed' label for their United States-sourced offerings. Leveraging this certification, AFT directs proceeds towards fostering comprehensive nationwide farmer assistance via free resources and skilled advisement—that promise an illuminated future for U.S. agriculture.

The 'U.S. Farmed' initiative extends beyond any single company's reach, underpinning an industry-wide crusade. Bolstered by Anheuser-Busch's promotional campaign, "Choose Beer Grown Here", the effort calls on consumers to prioritize certified products in their purchases, thereby nurturing American agriculture with tangible effect.

Anheuser-Busch CEO, Brendan Whitworth, articulates the company's soulful ties to the agricultural sphere, a partnership standing strong for over 165 years. Their beers have flourished on home-grown ingredients, many harvested by long-time collaborating farmers. The 'U.S. Farmed' label transcends an emblem; it signifies an invigorated pledge to U.S. agriculture and its undisputed role in the nation's economy. Envisioning a collective endeavor, Anheuser-Busch calls on other corporations to join the 'U.S. Farmed' certification journey, enhancing the impact and expressing solidarity with America's growers.

The launch of 'U.S. Farmed' certification taps into the pulse of America's agricultural landscape at an axis moment. With over 30 percent of U.S. farmland hovering on the brink of generational transition in the next 15 years, and threats such as land loss shadowing the farming bedrock, AFT highlights the dire need for capital among new farmers. The certification directly addresses these challenges, providing Texan cultivators and others the critical support they require to uphold and shield their farmland, and strategies for welcoming the forthcoming generation of farmers.

Made more poignant by AFT’s four-decade endeavor to preserve farming landscapes and soil health, the 'U.S. Farmed' certification embodies a significant stride. “We are forging a path to secure the future of American agriculture,” Announces Beth Sauerhaft, PhD, AFT Acting President and CEO. The seal not only unlocks a wealth of opportunities for farmers seeking assistance with succession strategies but also offers essential farmland protection tools vital for sustainable operations, contributing to a resilient national food system.

Neal Stoesser, a rice grower at Stoesser Family Farms, considers the 'U.S. Farmed' seal an affirmation of local sourcing's importance. The certification's broad impact reverberates across Texan farmlands, where growers play an integral role in supporting the national economy. For consumers and farmers alike, the 'U.S. Farmed' seal represents a shared commitment to an enduring agricultural heritage.

For those interested in exploring more about the 'U.S. Farmed' certification, including resources for American Farmers and details on product certification, a visit to http://www.farmland.org/us-farmed is highly recommended. Simultaneously, Anheuser-Busch's stallwart endorsement of U.S. farmers is further elaborated on http://www.anheuser-busch.com/USFarmed.

Moreover, American Farmland Trust is recognized as the sole national entity adopting a comprehensive approach to agriculture. Since its inception in 1980, AFT has not only safeguarded 7.8 million acres of farm lands but also advanced farming practices enriching millions of additional acres and buttressed myriad farming families. For insights into its endeavors, one can navigate to www.farmland.org.

Closing the chapter about Anheuser-Busch, their mission resonates with brewing more moments of cheer. Continually pioneering the brewery industry forward, Anheuser-Busch is committed to a conspicuous societal impact. With an eminent history stretching back 165 years, the company has curated a lineage of superior beers fulfilling the tastes of many generations. Presently managing over 120 facilities and embracing 18,000 colleagues in the U.S., Anheuser-Busch houses beloved brands like Michelob ULTRA and Bud Light. Aligning its ethos with community support, the company advances emergency water donation drives and sustainability efforts, developing a convivial future that all can share. Further company details and updates can be traced on www.anheuser-busch.com, as well as their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles.

As acknowledged in the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Services (2022) agricultural census, Texas's contribution to the nation's food supply is formidable. The census information, which can be obtained through https://www.nass.usda.gov/Publications/AgCensus/2022/index.php, provides a quantifiable backdrop to the environment that the 'U.S. Farmed' certification aims to sustain and amplify.

In essence, the 'U.S. Farmed' initiative by Anheuser-Busch emanates a sealed promise to American agriculture, invigorating an era of conscientious consumer choice and ensuring enduring farmlands. It is a tangible tribute to the relentless toil of U.S. farmers, and a call to action for fellow companies to stand unified in this vital endorsement of domestic agriculture. With every crisp bottle capped with the 'U.S. Farmed' seal, a glass is raised—a toast to the land's yield and the hands that nurture it.

This news article is underpinned with information provided directly from Anheuser-Busch, a company with a rich legacy of commitment to America’s agricultural fabric and quality brewing.