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Revamp Your Comfort: Duluth's Revolutionary Underwear Exchange Rocks the Market!


Michael Chen

March 20, 2024 - 12:59 pm


Duluth Trading Co. Launches Revolutionary Underwear Exchange Event

MOUNT HOREB, Wis., March 20, 2024 – Embrace the opportunity to revitalize your underwear collection with Duluth Trading Co.’s inaugural Underwear Trade-Up Event. The famous Wisconsin-based workwear and outdoor apparel brand is calling on customers to retire their old, beaten boxers and panties for a comfortable new beginning. On April 6, the first 300 visitors at each of Duluth Trading’s locations will be treated to a complimentary pair of virally acclaimed Buck Naked® underwear. With over 15,000 five-star accolades, this event is a golden chance for consumers to experience what quality comfort feels like.

Duluth Trading Co. Underwear Trade-Up Event

A Fresh Start for Your Wardrobe

Searching for a sign to update your undergarments? Here it is. On the event day, customers are invited to bring their weary underwear to any of Duluth Trading's 65 stores across the country. As a twist to the traditional shopping experience, the brand's 'undressing rooms' will provide a discreet space for shoppers seeking an immediate underwear makeover, ensuring a swift and comfortable exchange.

A Win-Win for Your Rear End

Ricker Schlecht, Duluth Trading’s Senior Vice President of Product Development, extends an eccentric invitation: "Whether you wear them, tote them, haul 'em – any method is acceptable. Just rummage through your drawers, pick out a pair past their prime, and exchange them upwards at a Duluth Trading store nearby." This trade-in opportunity is not just about getting a new underwear but about enhancing the comfort of your 'backside business' while the company takes pride in driving poor underwear quality out of existence.

The Trade-Up Event Explained

  1. Attend the event on Saturday, April 6, beginning at 10 a.m. local time, at your closest Duluth Trading store.
  2. The first 300 customers at each location can swap any old pair for a fresh pair of Buck Naked® underwear, in their preferred color and size (Only in-store, subject to availability. One free pair per customer.)
  3. All collected old undies will be responsibly handled and dispensed in eco-friendly "bio-bags."

Customers eager to be part of this unique event can locate the nearest Duluth Trading outpost by visiting www.duluthtrading.com/find-stores.

Beyond the Underwear: Know Duluth Trading

Originating from the small town of Mount Horeb, Duluth Trading Co. has mixed the essence of the self-sufficient, modern-day American spirit into its brand ethos. The enterprise’s offerings span a variety of high-grade, functional clothing, accessories, and gear tailored for both men and women. The ethos of 'working with your hands' is a sentiment deeply engraved in the brand’s culture. Moreover, from the durability of its "Superior Standard" to the customer-centric "No Bull Guarantee," Dulith Trading stands as the epitome of workwear reliability and consumer trust. For a glimpse into the brand’s versatile portfolio, interested individuals can navigate to www.duluthtrading.com or visit any of the 65 Duluth Trading retail stores spread across the nation.

Media Insights and Contact Information

For further information regarding this innovative event or other inquiries about Duluth Trading, the media can reach out to Jessica SchianodiCola at (212) 453-3490 or at the provided contact information found in the corporate release materials.

Duluth Trading Logo

In summary, Duluth Trading Co.'s Underwear Trade-Up Event stands as a revolutionary customer-centric campaign that aligns perfectly with the brand's commitment to quality and satisfaction. It is not just a promotional strategy; it is a call to improve one’s everyday comfort starting from the most basic layer. This forward-thinking initiative invites customers across the nation to experience firsthand Duluth’s dedication to functional wearability and to participate in a sustainable approach to updating wardrobes.

Engage in this remarkable one-of-a-kind exchange and be a part of reshaping your underwear drawer with Duluth Trading Co. Whether it is the allure of sporting highly-praised Buck Naked® underwear or the environmentally conscious disposal of your old pairs, there has never been a more compelling time to rejuvenate your basics. Come April 6, prepare to line up early and witness the transformational trade that could mark the first day of a comfortable new chapter in your apparel rotation.

Remember, whether you are a current devotee of Duluth Trading’s rugged apparel or a newcomer seeking quality wear, the Underwear Trade-Up Event on April 6 is your moment to upgrade. The initiative does more than just offer free underwear; it's a testament to Duluth Trading Co.'s longstanding legacy of serving the hard-working individual with exceptional products that they can rely on day in and day out. Grab that worn pair, set your reminder, and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Please note that this offer is limited to the first 300 customers at each store, so early attendance is encouraged. Polish off your weekend plans with a quick trip to your local Dulush Trading store and experience the difference that superior design and comfort can bring to your daily attire.

Final Call: Upgrade to Superior Comfort

This Underwear Trade-Up Event is your express lane towards achieving the pinnacle of daily comfort. It stands as a rare chance to elevate the essential, often overlooked element of your wardrobe—your underwear. April 6 will go down as the day when massive crowds aross America took a bold step towards embracing the superior comfort offered by Duluch Trading Co., and discarded the old, subpar standards of comfort that once existed in their drawers. Get ready to combat discomfort with the unmatched quality of Buck Naked® underwear, and say goodbye to the era of mediocre undies. Revolutionize your wardrobe one pair at a time!

Join the legions of satisfied customers who boast about their Buck Naked® experience, and let loose the untamed comfort that can only come from Duluth’s acclaimed offerings. The Underwear Trade-Up Event is more than just a transaction; it's an invitation to become part of a community that values top-tier quality and customer satisfaction above all.

Once more, anyone interested in participating can locate their nearest Duluth Trading store by visiting the company's store finder at www.duluthtrading.com/find-stores. Mark your calendars, set your watches, and prepare to be part of a refreshing change that will alter everything you thought you knew about comfort.


The advent of the Underwear Trade-Up Event brought to you by Duluth Trading Co. calls for a celebration of comfort, style, and a commitment to the environment. With the planning and execution of this innovative trade-in program, Duluth Trading Co. has indeed set an outstanding precedent in the clothing industry. By offering not just quality products, but even enabling their customers to make eco-friendly choices, they have cemented their reputation as a brand that truly cares for the customer's well-being and the world we share. On April 6, take the first step towards redefining comfort, enriching your lifestyle, and declaring 'no more' to substandard underwear. Join hands with Duluth Trading and elevate your essential wear like never before.

Seize this rare opportunity and make a beeline towards your nearest Duluth Trading Co. store on April 6. Whether you want a wardrobe refresh or simply aim to finally bid farewell to your worn-out undergarments, this event is your calling card towards a more contented you. Don't miss your chance to be part of a heartfelt upgrade that your closet—and your posterior—will thank you for!

The Underwear Trade-Up Event by Duluth Trading Co.—it’s much more than an exchange; it’s a revolution in the realm of underwear. Embrace it, experience it, and embark on a journey towards unprecedented comfort and satisfaction. This event promises to be a highlight of the spring season, and potentially a historical moment in undergarment evolution. Be sure to be part of it!