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Pure Glow Dazzles: Innovative Boston Franchise Ushers in New Era of Sunless Tanning


Lauren Miller

March 20, 2024 - 13:56 pm


Pure Glow Ignites Boston with First Franchise Expansion in Chestnut Hill

BOSTON, Mass., March 20, 2024—Pure Glow, a premier brand known for its organic airbrush tanning solutions, has proudly announced the arrival of its first franchise operation in Boston under the leadership of Sarah and Ross Fairbanks, the city’s newest franchisees. The entrepreneurial couple has set their sights on Chestnut Hill for planting the inaugural studio, which is slated to open to the public in the autumn season. The Fairbanks’ vision doesn’t stop here—they have their strategic goals aligned to unveil an additional two locations on Boston's South Shore in the foreseeable future.

A Dynamic Duo's First Franchise Foray

Sarah and Ross Fairbanks are seasoned veterans in the entrepreneurial arena. With a proven ability to build and successfully exit businesses through sales to private equity, the Fairbanks family is putting their extensive business acumen to the test in their new franchising endeavor. Their journey with Pure Glow marks the beginning of a promising partnership that's built on a foundation of previous entrepreneurial successes.

Pure Glow's Aggressive Growth Strategy

In conjunction with the Fairbanks family's commitment to Pure Glow, the brand itself is significantly investing in its own expansion by constructing its flagship studio in the Seaport district, set to launch this summer. By the end of 2024, Boston can expect to have four Pure Glow Studios in operation—a clear sign of the brand's rapid expansion in the local market.

Architectural Innovations and Partnerships

The partnership forged between Pure Glow and the renowned Heitler-Houstoun Architects is set to birth a transformative design for the Seaport studio and future expansions. This alliance will build upon the stellar track record of Heitler-Houstoun Architects in crafting iconic spaces for celebrated brands such as Drybar and Madison Reed. The ambition is to cultivate a space that not only meets but exceeds the ever-evolving demands of clients seeking premium tanning experiences.

A Peek into a Billion-Dollar Industry

The sunless tanning industry is experiencing a boom and is anticipated to reach a monumental valuation of $1.8 billion by 2026, highlighting the sector's growth and the potential it holds for innovative brands like Pure Glow.

The Official Website Launch

For a deeper dive into Pure Glow's services and offerings, the public is encouraged to visit their official website at

Sarah Fairbanks' Journey to Pure Glow

"We were driven by a desire to explore franchising, but we sought a brand that resonated with us uniquely and stood apart from the generic offerings in the market," reveals Sarah Fairbanks. The allure of Pure Glow lay in its commitment to not only skin health but also in crafting a high-end consumer experience. Her insights come from years in the beauty sector, having carved a successful path at giant corporations like Johnson & Johnson, where she focused on Neutrogena Sun Care. After a break to nurture her growing family, Sarah has returned to the professional terrain, this time venturing into franchising guided by entrepreneurial spirits that have been a constant within the Fairbanks family. Ross, alongside his father and brother, have established and subsequently sold two thriving facility energy management companies to private equity firms.

Boston Welcomes Pure Glow's Flagship Studio

It's a season of growth and promise for Pure Glow as it embarks on its expansion both within and beyond the Boston Metro area. The upcoming summer months will mark the grand opening of Pure Glow's flagship studio at Seaport Commons. Poised to be the third corporate-owned establishment in Boston, this new addition infuses vitality into the community with the creation of fifteen new job opportunities. The studio, taking pride of place at 100 Northern Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, 02210, signifies the brand’s ever-deepening roots in the heart of Boston.

A Marriage of Design and Service at Pure Glow

Heitler-Houstoun Architects, based in New York and celebrated for its high-profile projects, has undertaken the challenge of materializing a Seaport location that blends top-notch service with an impeccable design backdrop. Pure Glow is dedicated to installing a sophisticated yet inviting environment that caters to the refined preferences of its clientele. A unique identity that has been rarely seen within the sunless tanning sphere is now about to become a hallmark of the Pure Glow brand through the hands of these architectural savants.

Boston's Rising Demand for Premium Tanning Services

Lauren Rampello Becotte, the founder of Pure Glow, reflects on the remarkable demand surge they’ve experienced since the onset of the year within their existing Back Bay and Wellesley locations. The anticipation of the community could not be higher for the summer opening of the Seaport studio and the upcoming Chestnut Hill studio. These new locales promise to quench the growing thirst for accessible Pure Glow studios for those seeking luxury tanning services near home and workplace.

Staffing and Franchise Growth

Each Pure Glow studio operates with a dedicated team of 6-10 members without the encumbrance of acquiring special licensing, an attribute not commonly found in other beauty franchises. The Fairbanks' pledge to Pure Glow embodies the third franchise partnership since the brand's franchise declaration in November of 2023. A concerted effort is being made to engage innovative entrepreneurs who are eager to join the journey to the pinnacle of glow. For insights into this glowing opportunity, entrepreneurs can head over to the Pure Glow franchise information portal at

The Journey of Pure Glow: Franchising Since 2023

The inception of Pure Glow dates back to 2015, with its franchising chapters commencing in 2023. An airbrush tanning vision that endeavors to redefine the essence of a health-centric and premium-quality sunless tan. The brand, with two locations already thriving in Boston, continues to scout for exuberant, hospitable, and passionate franchise partners. These partners are sought to solidify the industry standards surrounding natural, organic, and efficacious sunless tanning. Prospective franchisees can expect an initial investment ranging from $335,700 to $661,850, a figure that sets the stage for entrance into a lucrative and fast-growing industry. Comprehensive franchising information is available to interested parties at

Connect with Pure Glow

Maddy Reda, the point of contact at Franchise Elevator, is available to field inquiries and can be reached at (847-945-1300 Ext. 255). Further communication can be facilitated through the provided email link: [email protected][email protected]

SOURCE: Pure Glow

Reinventing the Tanning Experience: Pure Glow's Strategic Expansion in Boston Herarks a New Chapter for the Sunless Tanning Giant

Experience the future of sunless tanning with Pure Glow's first franchise foray into Chestnut Hill, where luxury meets wellness. Sarah and Ross Fairbanks, leading Boston's first franchise operation, are pioneering a fresh narrative of entrepreneurship with a promise of radiance and sophistication. Join us as Pure Glow charts a course through an industry ripe with opportunity, set to double its presence in Boston with organic, airbrush tanning that eclipses conventional standards.

In Summary

The reveal of Pure Glow's plans for expansion within the greater Boston area signifies more than an increase in franchise locations; it reflects the growing market demand for premium wellness and beauty services. The advent of Sarah and Ross Fairbanks’ participation as franchisees marks a significant step for Pure Glow, which is looking to revolutionize the sunless tanning industry with its health-conscious approach. Bostonians can eagerly anticipate a tier of entrepreneurship and franchising that brings Seluring tans within closer reach.

As Sarah Fairbanks quotes her new affiliation with Pure Glow, "We aspire to orchestrate a franchising model that resonates with our personal values, one that transcends the usual clutter of the market." With Pure Glow's commitment to superior customer experiences, environmental awareness, and the strategic expansion of their brand, Boston is on the brink of embracing a sunless tanning dynasty that prioritizes both splendor and health. The forward-thinking designs by Heitler-Houstoun Architects promise to materialize the ethos of Pure Glow, attracting a clientele yearning for a world-class ambiance.

The Fairbanks family is not new to the concept of bold business ventures. Through previous entrepreneurial triumphs, they have demonstrated the ability to nurture and relinquish businesses successfully. Now, with the foundations of strong business ethics and a history of tactical success, they embark on this new passage with Pure Glow.

The stage is set for the Seaport Commons flagship studio to echo the success stories of Back Bay and Wellesley. These expansions are not merely physical spaces but investments in the local workforce, prosperity, and aesthetic refinement which the residents of Boston seek.

The times ahead are radiant with prospects for entrepreneurs to join forces with Pure Glow. To shine a light on the path of health-conscious beauty entrepreneurship, visit the links referenced for elaborate details on how to become a part of an industry on the rise.

Boston stands at the cusp of a revolution in the sunless tanning industry, with Pure Glow leading the charge through innovation, customer satisfaction, and robust entrepreneurial spirits. As the city prepares to welcome these pioneering studios, it becomes apparent that Pure Glow is not just about offering a tan—it is about providing an experience that is infused with health, luxury, and care.

In closing, the anticipatory buzz among the Boston community is palpable as they await the opening of the new Pure Glow locations in the historic city. The commitment to cultivating a rarified atmosphere coupled with unparalleled customer service and product quality places Pure Glow in a league of its own. As the sunless tanning industry climbs to new financial summits, Pure Glow is poised to lead with a visionary approach, one that beckons the consumers and entrepreneurs alike to partake in something truly luminous.