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PepperPointe Partnerships Welcomes Christy Englehart as New COO to Reinforce Innovative Leadership


Benjamin Hughes

March 19, 2024 - 13:55 pm


PepperPointe Partnerships Hires Veteran Executive Christy Englehart as New COO

LEXINGTON, Ky., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a move that solidifies its place at the forefront of innovative dental service organizations, PepperPointe Partnerships has proudly announced the addition of Christy Englehart to its executive team as the new Chief Operating Officer. With an illustrious career that eclipses three decades of dedicated service in the dental sector, Englehart brings a significant wealth of experience to the promising future of PepperPointe. The official induction of Englehart into the remarkable team took place on March 4th.

Christy Englehart, newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of PepperPointe Partnerships

A Legacy of Excellence and Expertise

Christy Englehart's distinguished career in dental industry management has spanned a remarkable period, with her work significantly influencing strategic planning, customer relations, and healthcare delivery. Prior to accepting her new role at PepperPointe Partnerships, Englehart held the position of Chief Operating Officer at Smile Brands Inc. At Smile Brands, she adeptly steered the operations of over 250 dental practices across the nation, leveraging her expertise to enhance the company's support and service. Her history of executive leadership in several renowned dental organizations heralds a new chapter of growth and innovation for PepperPointe Partnerships.

Englehart's Vision: Empowerment through True Doctor Ownership

Englehart has witnessed firsthand the rapid evolution of the dental industry, and her dedication to fostering true doctor ownership within PepperPointe's unique structure is unwavering. “I've seen the dramatic changes happening in our industry, and it's so inspiring to be a part of an organization committed to preserving true doctor ownership," Englehart expressed. Her enthusiasm for contributing to PepperPointe's ongoing success and her deep-seated belief in its potential to redefine standards in care and service make her addition to the team all the more impactful. Honored to champion the cause, Englehart is set to empower the talented doctor partners and their practices under the visionary banner of PepperPointe Partnerships.

Charting the Course for Future Innovation

With a profound grasp of the challenges and possibilities that characterize the dental sector, Englehart's approach to her role as COO will center on propelling PepperPointe forward through strategic growth, enhanced efficiency, and a commitment to groundbreaking innovation. In her capacity as COO, she will be intricately involved in steering both field and office-level operations, while also overseeing vendor relations, procurement processes, and formulating clinical practices and strategies. All these efforts are ultimately aimed at upholding the ethos of providing superior quality patient care.

Dr. Greg White Commends Englehart’s Appointment

Dr. Greg White, the esteemed President and CEO of PepperPointe Partnerships, spoke highly of Christy Englehart's addition to the team, "Christy is a great addition to our team. Not only is she an accomplished and revered leader in the dental industry, but she also embodies the culture at PepperPointe and fervently believes in the importance of our mission." From her very first day, Englehart immersed herself in the contributions that speak volumes of her commitment to the organization's robust growth and the enrichment of the company's culture and mission.

PepperPointe's Celebratory Growth and Expansive Reach

Since its inception in 2017, PepperPointe Partnerships has achieved remarkable milestones in its journey toward expansion and development. Now at the helm of 135 practice locations and nurturing relationships with over 160 doctors across the regions of Kentucky, New York, and Virginia, Englehart’s wealth of knowledge and expertise is projected to amplify PepperPointe’s capacity to serve the practices it supports and continue on an upward trajectory of growth.

About PepperPointe Partnerships

Established in 2017 and taking pride in its Lexington, Kentucky roots, PepperPointe Partnerships stands out as the preeminent doctor-owned and doctor-controlled dental service organization. The organization's unwavering commitment to preserving genuine doctor ownership at every echelon sets a benchmark for personalized patient care. By holding fast to its patient-centric model, PepperPointe ensures that the unique character of each individual practice is cherished and upheld. The synergetic amalgamation stemming from this network fosters significant financial security among doctor owners, while autonomously preserving the heart and soul of their practices. For further information about PepperPointe Partnerships, please visit PepperPointe.com.

Contact Details for Further Communications

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The induction of such seasoned and esteemed individuals like Christy Englehart into leadership roles within key industry organizations like PepperPointe Partnerships is a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of the dental service sector. Englehart's appointment as COO promises not just a continuation of the organization's core values and objectives, but also indicates a strengthening of their mission to excel in providing the highest quality care while empowering those at the very heart of the practice, the doctors.

As the dental industry confronts inevitable developments and advances, the experience and foresight of leaders such as Englehart become invaluable assets. Through her vision and strategic expertise, PepperPointe Partnerships is poised to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare services with agility and an unwavering commitment to the principles upon which it was founded.

The emphasis on maintaining a doctor-owned and doctor-led structure within PepperPointe is not simply an organizational choice, but a deliberate strategy to sustain the essence and efficacy of patient care that is often at risk in the face of growing corporatization. This structure enables doctors to retain control over their practice decisions and continue to foster the deep-seated connections with their patients – connections that form the cornerstone of compassionate and personalized healthcare.

Christy Englehart's track record of operational excellence and her nuanced understanding of the needs of dental practices lend much to the anticipation of PepperPointe’s future endeavors. Her history of driving performance, optimizing customer experience, and spearheading innovative strategies is the harbinger of an exciting era of prosperity and influence for PepperPointe Partnerships.

The collective optimism surrounding Englehart’s new role underscores PepperPointe's unrelenting pursuit of prosperity. Her alignment with the organization’s culture and clear vision for its trajectory solidify the sentiment that her leadership will further cement PepperPointe’s status within the industry.

As PepperPointe Partnerships celebrates its impactful growth and the breadth of its services, the integration of Christy Englehart’s seasoned leadership marks a milestone in its continuous evolution to set new benchmarks in dental service provision.

With the dedication of industry veterans like Englehart, PepperPointe Partnerships reinforces its commitment to creating collaborative networks that establish financial assurance and uphold the autonomy of its doctor owners. This purpose-driven approach highlights a sustainable model that ensures the vitality of patient-centric care more than ever before.

As such, PepperPointe Partnerships, alongside Christy Englehart and the existing cadre of experienced professionals, continues to project the exemplary vision and leadership that define a premier healthcare service organization. The future of personalized dental care shines bright with the promise of innovation, integrity, and an enduring pledge to both practitioners and patients alike.