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NFL Star Watson Ignites Food Scene with Lefty's Cheesesteaks Debut in Cleveland


Lauren Miller

April 19, 2024 - 19:10 pm


Lefty's Cheesesteaks Ushers in a New Era with Grand Opening in Cleveland Led by NFL Star Deshaun Watson

CLEVELAND, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a landmark moment for the fast casual food industry, Lefty's Cheesesteaks has taken a giant leap in its nation-wide expansion. Known for its swift growth, sizzling popularity, and top-tier quality in the quick service food arena, Lefty's arrival in the United States market marks a new chapter for the franchise.

Founder Sam Berry and Cleveland Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson enjoying the University Heights Location Grand Opening with Mayor Brennan

In the vibrant city of Cleveland, Lefty's Cheesesteaks celebrated the impactful launch of its latest franchise. In partnership with Cleveland Browns quarterback and national sensation Deshaun Watson, who holds an equity stake in the company, Lefty's inaugurated their new location at 2115 South Taylor Road in University Heights, Ohio. Stars aligned during the grand opening event, where Watson, alongside Lefty's founder and CEO Sam Berry, greeted the Ohio community with open arms.

Deshaun Watson, a Pro Bowl select, former first-round draft pick, and collegiate champion, stood shoulder to shoulder with Lefty's visionary leader Berry as they welcomed guests during the electrifying launch event. Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns head coach, was amongst the attendees, lending his support to his star player. The event was a lively showcase of the brand's imminent expansion in Ohio, with a crowd of eager patrons lining up for hours, awaiting the taste of Lefty's iconic offerings.

Lefty's Owner and Founder, Sam Berry

In addition to the fanfare, University Heights Mayor Michael Brennan embraced the festivity by officially declaring the day "Lefty's Cheesesteaks Day." The celebration resonated deeply with the local community, members of which described the atmosphere as electric, vibrant, and almost ethereal.

Berry lauded the event as an extraordinary milestone for the franchise, emphasizing the joy on people's faces as they savored Lefty's sumptuous fare. Watson's presence offered a once-in-a-lifetime moment for many fans, including children from his charity foundation, who were treated to food, gifts, and memorabilia, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Berry didn't miss a chance to acknowledge the dedication and tireless efforts of his corporate team and staff, whose professionalism ensured the seamless launch, garnering rave reviews from the community. He praised Mayor Brennan's professionalism, which he felt reflected the city's leadership's commitment to excellence. Lefty's appreciation for Mayor Brennan and his team ran deep.

Originally founded in Michigan, where it still houses its national operations in Southfield, Michigan, Lefty's proudly stands ready to innovate and restructure themselves into an even more robust business. Their successful adaptation during the pandemic paved the way for a methodical statewide expansion into the Ohio market, planting the company's flag with confidence in Cleveland. This new franchise is only the beginning of more Ohio locations to come, with April 4, 2024, noted as the commencement of a successful journey in Northeast Ohio.

In a proclamation, Mayor Brennan playfully acknowledged the unique appeal of a left-handed operation thriving in a right-handed world. He invoked Berry's own words, "If you don't eat left, you don't eat right," drawing a parallel with the new Cedar-Taylor culinary oasis- Lefty's.

Lefty's has established itself as a beacon of food excellence with high-quality steak, fresh vegetables, and the famous Amorosa buns imported all the way from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Their signature items extend to include delectable offerings such as Sam's cheesesteak, the fiery Southpaw topped with hot crushed Cheetos, hand-rolled cheesesteaks and corn beef egg rolls, and a variety of fries—from regular to curly and even loaded. Complementing the savory delights are signature cheesecakes, milkshakes, and an assortment of Pepsi products for the ultimate dining experience.

Watson has a particular affinity for The Southpaw: the unmistakable Lefty's cheesesteak dressed with grilled onions, white American cheese, cheese sauce, and a generous sprinkle of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. During the official opening, surrounded by friends and family, Watson remarked on the incredible support from the community, the excellence of the food, and the spirit of enjoyment that permeated the event. The NFL player's desire to bring Lefty's to Cleveland focuses on providing job opportunities and introducing the local populace to the brand's exceptional cuisine.

Berry echoed Watson's enthusiasm, sharing his joy in expanding Lefty's footprint into the heartland where the company's roots lie. Michigan, the starting point for the brand, now welcomes its neighbor Ohio into the Lefty's family with the same commitment to growth, intensive market research, and strategic logistical planning with esteemed food supply vendors like Miceli and Oldfield. Berry's friendship and business partnership with Watson, which burgeoned in 2019, reflects more than just a shared vision: it's the foundation of their fraternity and the roadmap to elevating Lefty's into a national powerhouse.

Today, Lefty's boasts multiple locations across the country, including three spots within the Detroit Lions' Ford Field, demonstrating the brand's strong ties with NFL legends like Barry Sanders, enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This robust national presence is just the beginning; Berry sets his sights on capturing the hearts of food lovers in stadiums, airports, and international markets, reinforcing his resolve to establish Lefty's among the top franchises in America and beyond.

Berry's long-term vision is clear and ambitious, and this latest move in Cleveland is viewed as a pivotal stride toward achieving that dream. As Lefty's continues to spread its wings, the company is not only serving up delicious meals but also fostering community connections, job creation, and a sense of pride in every city it graces with its presence.

For those interested in the Lefty's experience or looking into potential franchise opportunities, the company invites prospective partners and curious food enthusiasts to explore their offerings online. More information can be found by visiting Lefty's official website at http://www.eatleftys.com.

For additional inquiries or direct communication, Sam Berry can be reached at the following contact:

Sam Berry
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 313-399-8235

SOURCE: Lefty's Cheesesteaks Franchising, LLC

In this narrative of culinary expansion and community engagement, Lefty's Cheesesteaks not only signifies the evolution of fast casual dining but also symbolizes the fusion of entrepreneurial spirit with the zest and fervor of American sports culture.

As the brand continues its march across the United States, one thing remains abundantly clear: Lefty's Cheesesteaks isn't just about the food. It's about the moments, the memories, and the milestones that make every grand opening not just a business launch, but a celebration of what it means to be a vibrant and integrated part of the community. From the sizzle of the grill to the cheer of the crowd, Lefty's is setting the stage for a delicious future ahead.

With this significant step, Lefty's aims not just at becoming a household name in the realms of cheesesteaks and quick service dining but at shaping an experience that resonates deeply with the values of celebration, community, and innovation. It seems then that in Cleveland — a city known for its resilient spirit and hearty appreciation for flavorful food and outstanding sportsmanship — Lefty's Cheesesteaks has found the perfect new home.

The excitement and collaboration that marked the opening of Lefty's in Cleveland signify much more than the launch of a new dining location; it heralds the beginning of a journey that promises to elevate the brand and imbue every new establishment with the essence of excitement felt on that day. The saga of Lefty's Cheesesteaks, much like the lines of eager patrons, stretches far and wide, projecting a future as appetizing and bold as their famous cheesesteaks.

The future is bright for Lefty's as they continue to carve out their niche in the competitive world of fast casual dining. With a grounded leadership team, a robust business model, and the star power of athletes like Watson cheering them on, Lefty's Cheesesteaks is on a trajectory to become not just a favorite American eatery but a global phenomenon.

Whether it's an indulgent Southpaw that captures your fancy or the aspiration to be part of a winning franchise, Lefty's is serving up more than cheesesteaks — it's dishing out dreams, wrapped in an Amorosa bun and sprinkled with the spirit of success.

For Cleveland and the wider Ohio landscape, the embrace of Lefty's signifies an encouraging sign of economic vitality and gastronomic variety. It's more than steaks and cheese; it's about jobs, joy, and a juncture of sports icons and business moguls uniting under the banner of community uplift.

In the expanding universe of Lefty's Cheesesteaks, each new location serves not only a slice of Philly tradition but also the shared success of visionaries like Sam Berry and Deshaun Watson. Now, with their sights set on the horizon, Lefty's aims to leave an indelible mark on the food industry, one cheesesteak at a time.

In a world that often settles for the ordinary, Lefty's Cheesesteaks continues to strive for the extraordinary. As the story of this dynamic franchise unfurls, it becomes ever clearer that for Lefty's, the secret to success isn't just in the ingredients — it's in the people, the places, and the passion that turn a meal into a memory and a brand into a beloved tradition.