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Mazda Embraces Future with 300th Retail Evolution Dealership


Benjamin Hughes

May 7, 2024 - 16:27 pm


Mazda's Retail Evolution Program Exceeds Expectations with the Opening of the 300th Dealership

IRVINE, California - May 7, 2024 - Mazda North American Operations (MNAO), a subsidiary of the renowned automotive brand Mazda, has proudly announced the inauguration of its 300th Retail Evolution dealership with the launch of Luther Mazda in Kansas City, Missouri. This monumental occasion marks a significant milestone in Mazda's journey to revolutionize customer experience in the automotive industry. Since its inception in 2014, the Retail Evolution program has been at the forefront of delivering premium, open-concept showrooms that enhance overall consumer transparency and increase satisfaction.

A Luxurious and Elevated Customer Experience

"The arrival of our 300th Retail Evolution dealership stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing customers with a luxurious experience at every interaction with Mazda," remarked Tim Manning, Vice President of Retail Operations at Mazda North American Operations. "Throughout this journey, we have maintained a steadfast focus on elevating the dealership experience. Our Retail Evolution sites have witnessed a significant growth in dealer loyalty, adding 4.3 percentage points, and an increase in service retention by 5.2 percentage points."

The Future of Mazda and Consumer Centricity

David Luther, the main dealer at Luther Automotive, voiced strong support for Mazda's future and the Retail Evolution blueprint, which he believes represents the strength of the Mazda brand for employees, customers, and the communities they serve. "In today’s market, it's essential to provide our customers with what they seek, and that's exactly what Retail Evolution delivers: a more open, transparent, and contemporary ambiance," Luther explained.

The collaboration between Mazda and its committed dealers is an essential piece of the company's long-term business strategy within the United States market. The core initiative, Retail Evolution, delivers a seamless experience that begins from the moment customers step into the showroom and continues through the vehicle servicing process. Presently, an overwhelming 70 percent of Mazda dealers have already transitioned or pledged to transition to Retail Evolution. These committed dealers represent 87 percent of total retail sales. It's been established that Retail Evolution dealerships continually outperform monthly production compared to facilities yet to undergo modernization, showing an impressive increase of 126 percent. A decade since the program's launch, over 380 Mazda dealers have vowed to upgrade their facilities.

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Founded with pride in Hiroshima, Mazda boasts a legacy of sophisticated craftsmanship and innovation, driven by the goal of enriching the 'drive' for the people it serves. By placing people at the heart of all its endeavors, Mazda is dedicated to crafting inspiring experiences with both its automobiles and staff. Mazda North American Operations, headquartered in Irvine, California, oversees the sales, marketing, parts, and customer service support for Mazda vehicles across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia through an approximately 795 dealership network. Mazda Canada Inc., based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, manages Canadian operations; Mazda Motor de México in Mexico City takes charge of Mexican functions; and Mazda de Colombia in Bogotá handles Colombian activities.

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SOURCE: Mazda North American Operations

Enhancing the Dealership Landscape

Mazda's Retail Evolution is more than just a facelift for dealerships; it represents a paradigm shift in the automotive retail sector. Through meticulous renovation and technology integration, Mazda has refined the customer's in-dealership experience to mirror the same elegance and detail that goes into designing their vehicles. With open and welcoming layouts, these futuristic showrooms create an environment that encourages interaction, comfort, and, most importantly, a transparent buying process.

Dealer loyalty and service retention are not abstract concepts but tangible outcomes of the Retail Evolution program. Dealers who embrace this transformation are rewarded with a loyal customer base invested in the company's innovative direction. This loyalty is not coincidental but a direct reflection of the trust and rapport established through transparent and customer-centric business practices – an essence that the Retail Evolution embodies.

The Drive Toward Transparency

At the core of the Retail Evolution program lies the value of transparency. The modern consumer demands openness in transactions, clarity in communication, and visibility in operations. The program’s architecture plays a significant role in this, creating an open floor that allows potential buyers to witness the operational heartbeat of a dealership. It’s not just about selling cars; it's about building lasting relationships through sincere and clear business practices.

Investing in the Experience Economy

David Luther’s comments underscore the adaptability of Mazda’s dealership model in the experience economy. Customers today are looking beyond the product; they want an experience that captivates and caters to their needs. As Retail Evolution dealerships exceed the conventional expectations of an automotive store, they embark on a quest to deliver an unparalleled experience that resonates with the modern-day consumer. Mazda's decision to invest in Retail Evolution underpins their comprehension that the true value to the consumer is an experience worth returning to.

Past, Present, and Future of Mazda Retail Evolution

The last decade has been transitional for Mazda as the brand reimagined the dealership experience from the ground up. As Mazda charts forth in the next chapter of Retail Evolution, it bears the potential to redefine automotive retail on a global scale. The 300th dealership marks a point of reflective triumph and fuels the motivation to pursue further excellence. With a significant majority of dealerships already reaping the benefits of the program, the future appears bright as Mazda continues to forge ahead, pioneering new innovations in the automotive retail experience.

A Testament to Brand Strength

Even amidst the dynamic shifts in the automotive industry, Mazda’s dedication to its Retail Evolution program exemplifies the strength of the brand's vision. It is a physical manifestation of Mazda's pledge to quality, innovation, and an unyielding dedication to customer delight. As each new Retail Evolution dealership opens its doors, it contributes to the overarching narrative of brand endurance and adaptability, ensuring Mazda’s place in the annals of automotive history.


As Mazda North American Operations celebrates the launch of its 300th Retail Evolution dealership, it is clear that the brand's commitment to customer experience and dealership innovation has set a new industry standard. With dealer loyalty and customer retention on an upward trajectory, Mazda has proven that investing in the Retail Evolution program pays dividends..ENTER_REDIRECT_LINKThe Mazda story, birthed in Hiroshima and now unfolding across North America, continues to be one of passion for design, respect for craftsmanship, and a ceaseless ambition to enhance the drive of life for customers. As Mazda continues to shape the landscape of automobile retail through its iconic dealership experience, it surely propels itself and its dedicated dealers into a future characterized by growth, loyalty, and unparalleled customer experiences.

The journey of Mazda and its transformative Retail Evolution program demonstrates how a visionary approach can successfully blend heritage with innovation. This program is a shining example of how traditional industry practices can be re-energized, fostering a new era of engagement and excitement. Mazda's trailblazing pathway is set to inspire not only the automotive world but also the wider realm of customer service and experience.

In conclusion, Mazda's Retail Evolution symbolizes more than just a change in the physical layout of dealerships. It resonates as a cultural shift within the brand, reflecting an acute understanding of today’s consumer landscape and iterating a commitment to excellence that has long been the hallmark of Mazda. This evolution, backed by tangible increases in key performance metrics, sets the precedent for future endeavors in dealer-customer engagement and showcases the infinite possibilities when innovation is driven by customer-centric values.

Mazda, with its resolute focus on quality and distinctive Retail Evolution model, continues to drive forward, promising a future where each customer's experience with the brand is as powerful and enduring as the vehicles it crafts. The grand opening of the 300th location is not just a milestone but also a beacon for the journey ahead – a journey of growth, innovation, and relentless dedication to excellence.

Mazda North American Operations remains a testament to the brand's global philosophy of placing people first, both in the driving seat and in every business practice. The company, driven by an unyielding spirit of innovation and a commitment to enrich lives, paves the way for an automotive future where passion meets progress in every showroom and every vehicle.

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