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Maximize Your Impact at the Asetek A/S 2024 Annual General Meeting


Michael Chen

March 27, 2024 - 11:29 am


Asetek Announces Upcoming Annual General Meeting and Shareholder Voting Rights

AALBORG, Denmark, March 27, 2024 -- Asetek A/S, a global leader in liquid cooling solutions, announced today that its annual general meeting will be held on April 30, 2024, in Aalborg, Denmark. The Board of Directors extends an invitation to all shareholders to partake in the convening of this significant event.

The notice of the general meeting, along with a comprehensive agenda and detailed proposals, is available for shareholders to download here.

As of the announcement date regarding the notice of the general meeting, Asetek A/S declared possession of 98,313,892 shares and equally as many voting rights. This declaration is crucial for shareholders to understand their voting power during the upcoming meeting.

Documents for the Shareholder Review and Approval

Several critical documents are set to be presented at the upcoming assembly, inherently important for maintaining the company's transparency and operational governance. Among these materials are:

  1. The Annual Report for 2023, which highlights the company's financial performance and strategic developments over the previous fiscal year.
  2. The Remuneration Report for 2023, which provides insights into the company's compensation strategies and policies.
  3. A proposed amendment to the Remuneration Policy, which seeks to align executive pay with the company's long-term interests and shareholder value.
  4. A proposal for amended Articles of Association, designed to strengthen the company's governance structure further.

Pre-meeting Preparations for Shareholders

In preparation for the event, shareholders who opted for electronic communications received an email notice. For those who wish to attend the meeting, a blank notice of attendance form along with proxy and ballot documentation is accessible for download here. These materials will ensure shareholders can exercise their rights, whether in person or through designated representatives.

Nominees and Proposals for Asetek's Board of Directors

The general meeting will feature proposals for the re-election of esteemed board members alongside new candidates poised for election. Current members up for re-election include:

  • René Svendsen-Tune, an accomplished business veteran with an extensive background in senior leadership positions.
  • Erik Damsgaard, a respected industry professional with significant corporate governance experience.
  • Jukka Pertola, a recognized expert in international enterprise and industrial affairs.
  • Maja Frølunde Sand-Grimnitz, known for her strategic insights and impressive track record across various sectorial boards.

Additionally, the meeting will put forth Anja Monrad for election to the board, with her credentials provided as an appendix in the notice circulated to shareholders.

Introducing Candidates for Asetek's Nomination Committee

Asetek also announced the nominations for its Nomination Committee, featuring skilled individuals known for their integrity and alignment with Asetek's values and growth vision:

  • Ib Sønderby, a stalwart figure with deep ties across the technology and business landscape.
  • Claus Berner Møller, an individual with extensive knowledge in company stewardship and financial prudence.

The committee's role will be to ensure that board nominations are made with Asetek's strategic objectives and shareholder interests in mind.

Executive Contact Information

For more detailed information or inquiries, the following Asetek executives are available:

  • CFO Peter Dam Madsen can be reached at +45 2080 7200 or via email at [email protected].
  • Head of Investor Relations, Per-Anders Nyman, is available at +45 2566 6869 or can be contacted via email at [email protected].

These contacts serve to keep open lines of communication and ensure stakeholders stay informed about the company's developments and decisions.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

It is important to acknowledge that this announcement may contain prognostications known as forward-looking statements. These statements, bound by their very nature to potential risks, uncertainties, and a plethora of factors largely beyond our anticipative capabilities may result in divergent outcomes from the discussions and predictions trumpeted within such forward-looking statements.

All stakeholders should understand that these are not guarantees of performance and are subject to the vicissitudes of external conditions and various scenarios far from our direct influence. Thus, any such forward-looking statements are specifically outlined by cautionary declarations inherent to this document, supplemented by any additional cautionary statements which may follow. Asetek is ceded no obligation to regard the public with updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements, consequent to eventuality or change post-statement dispatch, except as stringently required by applicable law.

An Informative Resource from Cision

For additional context, this information has also been shared via Cision, a leading global provider of earnings announcements and other essential financial data. To review the pertinent announcements, shareholders and interested parties can follow the link http://news.cision.com.

For direct access to the announcement of Asetek's annual general meeting, you may visit https://news.cision.com/asetek/r/asetek---notice-of-annual-general-meeting-april-30--2024,c3953439.

Key Downloads for Stakeholders

Asetek ensures stakeholders have immediate access to the documents required for a thorough appraisal of the matters at hand. For downloads, relevant links are made available below:

These downloadable files articulate everything a shareholder requires to come to the assembly well-informed on the company's annual performance, proposed changes in policies, and the preparation needed for an effective voting process.


Asetek's upcoming annual general meeting marks a pivotal moment for shareholders to engage with the management, review the progress made during the year, and vote on crucial corporate governance matters. It stands as a testament to the company's ongoing commitment to transparency, strategic oversight, and the judicious steward of shareholder interests. By providing comprehensive documentation and resources, Asetek ensures every shareholder is well-prepared to have their voice heard and contribute to the company's direction.

Stay informed, review the documents, and make your vote count at the upcoming Asetek A/S general meeting this April.

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