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Maritime Partners Sails into the Future with New Industry Titan Additions


Lauren Miller

March 22, 2024 - 05:51 am


Maritime Partners Bolsters Leadership Team with Top Industry Veterans

Maritime Partners, LLC, an eminent provider of financing solutions in the maritime industry, announced the appointment of Stephen J. Bordes and Greg Chase as their Chief Financial Officer and Chief Legal Officer, respectively. Commanding a rich pedigree in finance and legal expertise, these strategic hires aim to propel the New Orleans-based establishment to towering heights in the Jones Act maritime sector.

Stephen J. Bordes Takes the Helm as CFO

With an impressive dossier exceeding two decades in finance and fund administration, Stephen J. Bordes climbs aboard Maritime Partners, enriched with a wealth of knowledge from his tenure at American Industrial Partners, a New York-based private equity heavyweight centering on industrial enterprises. Bordes carries a high-caliber background in finance and a legacy of strategic foresight and operational excellence.

"Bordes' mastery over accounting, fiscal operations, and corporate management sets him apart in the financial domain," crowed Bick Brooks, the CEO and co-founder of Maritime Partners. "He is a seasoned navigator through the complexities of financial governance, a guru in streamlining operations and compliance, and a trailblazer in private equity circles both domestically and abroad. His contributions are sure to send shockwaves of innovation through our leadership dynamics," furthered Brooks.

Reflecting on his new role, Bordes commented, "Finance and private equity have been the bedrock of my professional journey. The milestones I've reached have been landmarks of learning and expertise. It’s a thrilling prospect to blend my journey with Maritime Partners’ vision, and I’m eager to set sail toward the promising ventures that beckon on the horizon."

His professional voyage has spanned roles at renowned firms including Castle Harlan, Advantage Capital, Deloitte, and Revlon. Bordes is an alumnus of Tulane University's A.B. Freeman School of Business, holding a Bachelor of Science in Management & Accounting, further enriched by an MBA accentuating International Business & Finance from Columbia Business School.

Legal Luminary Greg Chase Ascends as CLO

Simultaneously, Maritime Partners welcomes esteemed attorney Greg Chase, whose former station at Reed Smith LLP saw him at the helm of the maritime transactional team, a unit applauded for its unparalleled proficiency in maritime law. Chase leverages years of experience curated through his advisory roles on significant shipping deals to fortify Maritime Partners' legal framework.

Brooks effused, "Greg's induction into Maritime Partners is a statement of our commitment to legal excellence. His profound understanding of the maritime sector garnered from advisory roles, coupled with his tenure as our external legal counsel, makes him an impeccable choice for our leadership circle."

Chase's two decades in the realm of law have seen him representing a brigade of private equity firms, lenders, operators, and investors entrenched in maritime commerce, chronicling a focus on corporate and financing stratagems.

His pivotal role in cultivating Reed Smith's maritime arm in the US has cemented the firm's standing as a colossus in the domestic maritime market. "My passage through Reed Smith has been a significant chapter of my career, fostering a robust maritime practice. While I hold my former colleagues in high esteem, the allure of charting a new course with Maritime Partners is exhilarating. I take pride in joining a team as formidable as this one and am focused on contributing to our collective quest for growth," Chase articulated.

Preceding his voyage with Reed Smith, Chase navigated the intricate waters of international finance and corporate affairs at Watson, Farley and Williams LLP in New York. His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and History from St. Lawrence University, culminating in a law degree specialized in International Legal Affairs from Cornell Law School in 2001.

Chase also commands notable positions as the chair of the Financing Committee of the Maritime Law Association of the United States, as well as directorship roles within the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce and New York Maritime, Inc.

A Beacon of Growth: Maritime Partners' Expansion

The introjection of such esteemed experts like Bordes and Chase is a testament to the burgeoning trajectory of Maritime Partners. "Welcoming such august professionals aboard signifies a quantum leap for us," Brooks declared. "Their profound expertise garners the respect of peers and is pivotal to our ongoing expansion."

Reimagining Maritime Partners

Maritime Partners, LLC, since its inception in 2015, has steadfastly ascended as a luminary in the maritime financing arena, laser-focused on Jones Act trading vessels. Steering approximately 1,800 vessels across the currents of the domestic seas, the entity extends bespoke leasing services transcending all categories of credit quality.

Their seasoned crew, boasting a cumulative experience spanning over half a century, specializes in navigating the complexities of chartering, asset management, shipbuilding, and financial machinations across diverse maritime assets. Such seasoned expertise has been the cornerstone in delivering top-tier transportation for fundamental commodities pivotal to the domestic economy, encompassing agricultural produce, chemicals, aggregates, crude oil, and petroleum products.

For an in-depth voyage through Maritime Partners' offerings and heritage, navigate to their online berth at www.maritimepartnersllc.com.

Contact and Engage

For a rendezvous with the Maritime Partners’ crew, chart a course to Ashley Simon at [email protected] or set your compass for a direct call at (504) 264-5870.

A New Horizon Awaits

Anchored in New Orleans, the strategic inclusions of Bordes and Chase herald a new chapter in Maritime Partners' grand voyage through the maritime sector. Their sagacity and elite prowess are invaluable as the firm continues its relentless pursuit of being the vanguard of maritime financing solutions. This alliance of industry legends is a wake call to the industry - Maritime Partners is chartering new frontiers in delivering industrial revolutions across the seas.

Navigating the Future

The appointments of Stephen J. Bordes and Greg Chase are more than an addition to the illustrious crew at Maritime Partners. The duo is the cipher to unlocking potentialities in maritime innovation, governance, and economic contribution. With the current setting a bullish tone for the maritime industry at large, the forward-looking vision and strategic acumen of these two new officers are well-positioned to steer Maritime Partners to unprecedented realms of achievement and service.

Final Thoughts on an Industry in Transition

Maritime Partners, through its latest strategic inductions, sets the sails high for an industry riding the waves of transformation. The alchemy of Bordes' financial mastery and Chase’s legal sagacity catalyzes the company's vision of becoming synonymous with maritime excellence. The future, undeniably, seems as bountiful and promising as the oceans themselves for Maritime Partners.

Maritime Partners is driven by the commitment to being the bedrock upon which the economic and industrial growth of the domestic market rests. The appointments of Stephen J. Bordes and Greg Chase reflect a poised readiness to leverage their combined acumen for the continual prosperity and forward momentum of the company. As the maritime industry looks ahead towards the horizon, it seems clear that Maritime Partners, with its strengthened leadership and unparalleled expertise, is charting a course for success that others will surely aspire to follow.

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