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Mammoth Holdings Leads Innovation in Car Wash Sector with New Texas Outlet


Benjamin Hughes

May 13, 2024 - 15:56 pm


Mammoth Holdings Unveils Its First Today's Car Wash in Texan Expansion Effort

In a notable development in the express car wash industry, Mammoth Holdings LLC has proudly announced the opening of a new Today's Car Wash location in Hewitt, Texas, a suburb of Waco. This latest addition to its comprehensive network is a testament to Mammoth's robust growth strategy that includes both the opening of new sites and the acquisition of existing establishments.

Mammoth Holdings, regarded as America's premier express car wash platform, effectively combines modern technology with exceptional customer service to offer an unparalleled vehicle cleaning experience. The Chairman and CEO of Mammoth Holdings, Dave Hoffmann, expressed excitement over the new site's ability to enhance the company's outreach and provide superior car wash services to an increasing number of vehicle owners in Texas.

The new Today's Car Wash is poised to become the go-to car wash destination for residents of the Greater Waco area, promoting ease of access and top-tier service. With the opening of this facility, the Today's Car Wash brand now operates eight locations. This move signifies a steadfast march toward Mammoth's ambitious target of reaching 500 sites nationwide.

Mammoth Holdings: A Pioneer in the Car Wash Industry

Renowned as the first car wash platform initiated by industry experts, Mammoth Holdings operates a significant number of 138 locations and maintains a customer-centric approach in its operational strategy. With regard to acquisitions, the company is focused on providing support to operators and positions itself as the top partner choice for car wash operators seeking to liquidate, enrich their capital for growth, and invest equity in a tax-efficient manner.

The extensive multi-brand portfolio of Mammoth Holdings features a diverse collection of esteemed car wash brands such as Busy Bee Car Wash, Coastal Carwash, Finish Line Car Wash, Galaxies Express Car Wash, and others—each known for their individual trademarks and quality services in the sector.

Mammoth's Commitment to Expansion and Excellence

Emphasizing their dedication to expansion, Mammoth Holdings discloses that it has substantial growth capital ready for deployment. The company is fervently on the lookout for opportunities to expand through acquisitions as well as the cultivation of new facilities.

In a strategic move back in October 2018, Mammoth formed a symbiotic partnership with Red Dog Equity LLC, an Atlanta-based private equity firm. This partnership, supported by the involvement of Tom Pritzker’s family business interests and guided by The Pritzker Organization, laid the groundwork for equity capital aimed at bolstering Mammoth Holdings' corporate development plans. Subsequently, in December 2022, the company further enhanced its financial capabilities by selling a minority interest to CCMP Growth Advisors. This deal injected additional funds into Mammoth's infrastructure to nurture new unit construction and fortify its acquisition pursuits.

Providing the financial backbone for Mammoth Holdings' ventures, Oak Hill Advisors has taken charge of extending debt financing through a direct lending partnership with BMO Capital Markets.

About Mammoth Holdings

With its headquarters anchoring in Dallas, Texas, Mammoth Holdings LLC stands out as an industry giant that operates 138 conveyor car washes under multiple reputable brands. The company's geographical reach spans across various states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

Mammoth Holdings owes its inception to Gary Dennis and Chip Hackett who founded the company in 2002. The entrepreneurs channeled their vision and expertise to establish what has now burgeoned into a leader in the conveyor car wash sector.

For further insights into Mammoth Holdings and its widespread network, interested parties are encouraged to visit mammothholdings.com.

Strategic Partnerships Behind Mammoth's Success

Red Dog Equity LLC plays an instrumental role as a private equity firm, specializing in investing in lower-middle-market companies that show considerable potential for growth. It collaborates with passionate and enterprising business leaders to steer these companies toward success. Details about Red Dog Equity's investment philosophies and partnerships can be found at reddogequity.com.

The Pritzker Organization is notable for serving as the merchant bank for the business interests of the Tom Pritzker family. This establishment has a presence that encapsulates the ethos of the family’s business endeavors, and additional information is available at pritzkerorg.com.

CCMP Growth Advisors epitomizes a growth-centric private equity firm based in New York. It principally channels its expertise towards making leading buyout and growth equity investments in middle-market companies within the Consumer and Industrial sectors, focusing largely on North America. CCMP Growth has been a catalyst in driving company transitions by delivering strategic and operational support needed for scaling businesses.

With the opening of the new car wash site in Hewitt, Mammoth Holdings has not only augmented their physical presence, but also reinforced their commitment to providing premium car washing services with top-of-the-line technology and customer service that is second to none. This sentiment has been echoed by CEO Dave Hoffmann, who sees immense potential in the larger Waco area for the expansion of high-quality car wash services.

Significantly, the launching of the facility heralds Mammoth's first venture into the region—a milestone reflecting the company's strategic positioning and aggressive growth trajectory. The brand's focus on quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction helps to etch the Today's Car Wash identity firmly within the local community and beyond. The new site in Hewitt appears destined to serve as a stepping stone toward the broader goal of establishing a noticeable presence across the United States, marking another step toward the envisioned 500-location milestone.

Mammoth Holdings Amplifies its Quest for Growth

Mammoth Holdings continues to fortify its reputation as a pioneer in the car wash industry, driving innovation and customer satisfaction. Their operational model prioritizes customer needs at every turn, while their acquisition strategy is designed to offer value and support to other operators within the sector. This dual-faceted approach is executed with the intent to partner with car wash operators who desire substantial liquidity and the opportunity for a tax-advantaged equity investment. Such strategies highlight Mammoth's dedication to nurturing a collaborative industry environment where growth prospects are shared and maximized.

Simultaneously, Mammoth Holdings sustains an expansive portfolio of car wash brands that accredit its reputation in the industry. The portfolio exhibits a variety of specialized car cleaning services, reaching corners of the customer market with specific preferences and needs. The brands under Mammoth's wing are recognized for their distinctive services, reflecting the company’s understanding of the varied demographics and regional preferences across its sprawling operational geography.

The drive and determination to procure and allocate significant growth capital demonstrate Mammoth Holdings' readiness to invest in both potential acquisitions and the construction of new sites. The strategic partnerships formed with equity firms like Red Dog Equity LLC, The Pritzker Organization, and CCMP Growth Advisors underscore the company's focus on leveraging financial support to realize its strategic expansion plans.

Mammoth's Backbone: Solid Financial Support and Visionary Foundations

The critical role played by Oak Hill Advisors in providing Mammoth Holdings with the necessary debt financing, in partnership with BMO Capital Markets, brings to light the financial stability and backing that Mammoth enjoys. This enables the company to progress confidently in their pursuit of national dominance in the conveyor car wash marketplace.

The story of Mammoth Holdings is deeply rooted in its genesis, crafted by the visionary leadership of founders Gary Dennis and Chip Hackett. Their entrepreneurial drive catalyzed the evolution of a concept into a leading entity within the car wash industry.

For consumers seeking further information on Mammoth Holdings' widespread network and services, the company maintains an open channel through their website. It stands out as a source of comprehensive insight into Mammoth's business model, operational principles, and customer-centric service tenets.

In conclusion, Mammoth Holdings is setting a benchmark for excellence and innovation in the car wash industry. The opening of the new Today's Car Wash in Hewitt not only represents a strategic expansion but also underscores Mammoth Holding’s quest for delivering quality and exceeding customer expectations. With strong financial backing, strategic partnerships, and a visionary approach to growth, Mammoth Holdings is positioned to further cement its role as a leader in the express car wash platform, one shining vehicle at a time.