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LMS365 Acquires Valuebeat, Revolutionizing AI in Corporate Learning


Lauren Miller

March 19, 2024 - 13:22 pm


LMS365 Acquires Valuebeat to Enhance AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

AARHUS, Denmark, March 19, 2024 – LMS365, renowned for being the only AI-driven workplace learning, engagement, and performance platform integrated within Microsoft 365 and Teams, has recently declared its significant acquisition of Valuebeat. This avant-garde startup is founded on the principle that robust company culture is pivotal for unlocking the full potential of any business. This acquisition is a major milestone for LMS365, underlining its mission to amplify AI and machine learning technologies, which are crucial for businesses to effectively quantify the influences of personnel, the essence of corporate culture, and overall engagement within an organization.

An Executive Power Move

In conjunction with the acquisition, Valuebeat's Founder, Nina Carøe, is set to become part of the executive team at LMS365 as the inaugural Chief Human Success Officer, as unveiled today. Carøe's appointment to the executive level signifies an increase in focus on employee empowerment as a strategic growth avenue within the company's corporate structure.

Shared Vision for Revolutionary Workplace Strategies

Kasper Sommer, the Co-Founder of Valuebeat, shared his enthusiasm regarding the acquisition, articulating that it aligns with the aspirations of Valuebeat to be represented by a like-minded company that envisions enabling data-oriented People and Culture strategies. These strategies are seen as a foundation that steers businesses towards outstanding success. Sommer is excited about the potential scaling benefits that LMS365’s dynamic product suite and AI-driven platform, which has always paralleled with Valuebeat's mission, can offer.

Valuebeat's state-of-the-art technology within the HR and recruitment sectors offers organizations the capability to accurately chart out and apprehend the employee values that shape the essence of company culture. Informed and data-oriented decision-making is thus facilitated, leading to enhanced business outcomes. LMS365 aims to integrate Valuebeat's fundamental functionalities in its forthcoming updates, granting clients a deeper insight into the compatibility between potential and existing employees with the future goals of the organization.

Enhancing Performance through People and Culture

Robin Daniels, who leads the role of Chief Business and Product Officer at LMS365, asserts that partnering with a firm that recognizes how directly people and culture affect organizational performance is the epitome of business collaboration. Valuebeat represents the ideal counterpart for LMS365. Daniels emphasized that understanding and defining company values is critical to fostering a culture where all members feel valued and can actively participate, especially considering the increased inclination of employees to switch jobs annually.

Previously acknowledged as a 2023 Global Great Place To Work, LMS365 boasts a 100% satisfaction rating from its employees stationed not just in the UK but across various international locations such as Germany, Romania, and its home base, Denmark. This prestigious recognition, along with the Valuebeat acquisition, reaffirms LMS365's dedication to cultivating an exceptional, inclusive, and energetic workplace.

A New Chapter of Growth

This transformative acquisition transaction was finalized on March 1, 2024, heralding a fresh era of expansion and an exhilarating new journey for both LMS365 and Valuebeat. This partnership cements a combined vision for the future of corporate culture, employee engagement, and learning within the workplace.

About LMS365

At the core of LMS365's ethos is the empowerment of people and organizations within the rapidly evolving digital workplace. Through extensive employee development and performance management initiatives, LMS365 endeavors to provide every individual with the means to achieve success. With its notable presence in over 60 countries and millions of users worldwide, LMS365 stands as the sole cloud-based, AI-powered learning, engagement, and performance platform fully incorporated into Microsoft 365. Their status as a Microsoft Preferred Solution further highlights LMS365’s position as an integrated learning, engagement, and performance solution indispensable in the digital age.

Moreover, the platform’s distinction with the Globally Certified™ accolade by Great Place To Work®, a foremost analyst of workplace culture and leadership, adds to its credibility. For more insightful information on LMS365, individuals can explore their comprehensive offerings by visiting LMS365.com.

About Valuebeat

Valuebeat has carved its niche as a pioneer in HR and recruitment SaaS tools. Since its inception in 2019, it has been empowering global leaders with cutting-edge tools to manage, monitor, and align the cultural pillars within their organizations. Recognized as one of the leading startups to monitor, previously under the name Platypus, Valuebeat has been influential in allowing managers and company founders to deep-dive into people dynamics at every stage—right from talent attraction to management and retention.

Enthusiasts looking to grasp the full scope of Valuebeat’s transformative tools and services can find more details on their comprehensive platform at www.valuebeat.io.

Media Contact Information

To further engage with the unfolding narrative and receive current updates on these developments, media inquiries can be directed to Lynsey Rose, the Head of US Communications. Rose can be reached at [Email Protected] for additional commentary or information on the issue. For immediate concerns or rapid responses, she is accessible via phone at 408-391-3323.


The strategic move observed in the acquisition of Valuebeat by LMS365 marks a transformative step towards integrating the realms of AI and machine learning with core business values, culture, and employee engagement strategies. With industry leaders emphasizing the significance of synchronizing the workforce's aspirations with the company’s strategic objectives, this synergy promises to bring about a paradigm shift in the way businesses advocate for success within their teams. This partnership is a clarion call for more human-centric, data-driven approaches in the workplace, setting a benchmark for companies worldwide to follow.

As the world observes the trends with interest and the business landscape continues to evolve, the LMS365 and Valuebeat narrative is expected to inspire a ripple effect, influencing enterprises globally to place a heightened focus on the vitality of corporate culture. It is the adherence to a shared set of values and the empowerment of human capital that will define the successful businesses of the future—a notion that LMS365 and Valuebeat, through their synergized platform, aim to lead and actualize.

The merger encapsulates the ideals that define a successful organization in the digital era—innovation, a deep understanding of its people, and an unfaltering commitment to fostering a work culture where everyone can thrive. Both LMS365 and Valuebeat are on the brink of ushering in this new standard, guiding businesses to not only envision but also achieve a workplace that is as intellectually stimulating as it is grounded in human values. As they embark on this collaborative voyage, the industry watches with anticipation, ready to witness the next wave of groundbreaking developments in workplace management and culture cultivation.

With these exciting advancements now unfolding at the intersection of technology and human resources, the future looks promising for LMS365, Valuebeat, and indeed, for the broader ecosystem of business. As this groundbreaking partnership begins to redefine standards and expectations, leaders in various sectors will likely draw inspiration and seek innovations that mirror the bold strides taken by LMS365 and Valuebeat in their journey to champion a culture-rich, performance-driven, and AI-enabled workplace.

In conclusion, the union between LMS365 and Valuebeat is not just a business transaction; it is a statement—a testament to the power of integrating advanced technologies with an empathetic approach towards employee well-being and company culture. The pathway ahead is illuminated with the prospects of sustainable growth, innovation, and a human-oriented framework that can potentially reshape the fabric of the corporate world.