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Jeremy Wright Joins Princeton Equity Group as Operating Partner for Strategic Growth


Benjamin Hughes

March 19, 2024 - 13:27 pm


Princeton Equity Group Welcomes Jeremy Wright as New Operating Partner

PRINCETON, NJ, March 19, 2024 – The Princeton Equity Group, a distinguished private investment firm with a focus on franchise and multi-site operations, announced the addition of Jeremy Wright to its team as an Operating Partner. Wright's role at Princeton will encompass a broad range of responsibilities, including delivering tactical support to the firm's portfolio of companies, collaborating closely with management teams in implementing strategic and operational initiatives, and enhancing the resources and capabilities that Princeton contributes towards each investment.

The illustrious background of Jeremy Wright positions him as a seasoned executive with a history of successfully merging and expanding high-growth, multi-location businesses in diverse sectors. Wright has accumulated substantial expertise in supporting a vast array of service industries, like pool services, HVAC systems, medical supply chains, and aftermarket automotive services.

Before joining Princeton Equity Group, Wright served as an Operating Partner at Atlantic Street Capital, where he provided assistance to various companies through his notable capabilities. With an exemplary history that expands over two decades in private equity operations, he has developed a focused expertise in bolstering companies post-acquisition by streamlining processes, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving financial reporting. Wright's earlier positions spanned from operational and financial posts in both private equity-backed entities and publicly traded companies. He commenced his professional journey at AlixPartners, working as a Management Consultant, where he identified and orchestrated operational improvements for retail and distribution businesses with a focus on multi-unit operations.

Jim Waskovich, the Managing Partner at Princeton Equity Group, expressed the firm's enthusiasm by stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Jeremy to the Princeton team. His profound experience will provide an invaluable perspective to our partnerships with founders and management teams."

Phil Piro, a Principal at the firm, echoed this sentiment, highlighting that "Jeremy's arrival brings a unique blend of experiences that aligns with our goals. His extensive history with middle-market and founder-owned businesses, coupled with his entrepreneurial approach, will be invaluable as we continue to enhance our platform for operational excellence."

Excited about his role, Jeremy Wright stated, "I'm eager to embark on this new chapter with the Princeton team, particularly at a significant turning point in the company's growth trajectory. I am looking forward to contributing to the firm and partnering with the management teams to cultivate industry-leading enterprises."

About Princeton Equity Group

Princeton Equity Group stands out as one of the most proficient investors in franchisors and multi-unit companies within the United States. The firm takes a unique investment approach, casting each investment as a long-term, affirmative partnership with founders and management that aims to construct high-value companies. Over the years, principals at Princeton have backed investments in some of the nation's most respected and growth-focused franchisors and multi-unit businesses.

For those looking for additional insights into the company's philosophy and its extensive experience with franchisors and multi-unit investments can find more information on Princeton Equity Group's official website at [www.princetonequity.com](https://c212.net/c/link/?t=0&l=en&o=4118552-1&h=3649044858&u=https%3A%2F%2Fc212.net%2Fc%2Flink%2F%3Ft%3D0%26l%3Den%26o%3D3634430-1%26h%3D1725112787%26u%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fc212.net%252Fc%252Flink%252F%253Ft%253D0%2526l%253Den%2526o%253D3289446-1%2526h%253D3878969923%2526u%253Dhttps%25253A%25252F%25252Fc212.net%25252Fc%25252Flink%25252F%25253Ft%25253D0%252526l%25253Den%252526o%25253D3173503-1%252526h%25253D1884541186%252526u%25253Dhttp%2525253A%2525252F%2525252Fwww.princetonequity.com%2525252F%252526a%25253Dwww.princetonequity.com%2526a%253Dwww.princetonequity.com%26a%3Dwww.princetonequity.com& a=www.princetonequity.com), which offers a portal to the depth and breadth of their investment strategy and partnership ethic.

For media inquiries or further information, Conner Gossel from Fishman PR is the designated media contact. He can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at (937) 545-9812. As a prominent PR representative, Conner Gossel and Fishman PR deliver key communication strategies and media relations for the group, ensuring transparent and effective dialogue with stakeholders and the media.

The news of Jeremy Wright's appointment comes as an emphatic testament to Princeton Equity Group's commitment to strengthening its expertise in operational and strategic business development. His wealth of experience across private equity operations is a strategic addition to the firm's existing robust management structure. The shared vision between the new Operating Partner and the company hinges on fostering growth, driving performance, and creating sustained value for its corporate partners and stakeholders.

Wright's appointment catalyzes a new phase for Princeton Equity Group as they continue to establish themselves as a leader in the private equity space with a specialized focus on franchise and multi-site company investments. The collaboration between Wright and the firm is anticipated to bring innovative solutions and industry-leading practices to the fore, enhancing the overall portfolio and providing robust growth trajectories for its associated companies.

As a gesture of this newfound partnership, the veteran executive is poised to integrate his extensive experience into Princeton's dynamic environment. His proven track record in leading companies through critical post-acquisition periods and his skill in refining operational processes will be integral. Moreover, his financial acumen is expected to add a further layer of sophistication to the firm's investment strategies.

The synergy between Wright's seasoned expertise and Princeton's investment philosophy presents an opportunity for both the firm and its partners to excel in their respective fields. With a shared ethos of commitment, excellence, and strategic growth, the expectation is that the already admirable track record of Princeton will be bolstered, carving new paths towards achieving best-in-class status among multi-unit investing firms.

In final reflection, the incorporation of Jeremy Wright into the fabric of Princeton Equity Group signals a deliberate move towards optimizing the firm's operational capabilities. The group's laser focus on value creation, market expertise, and strategic partnerships stands to gain from Wright's diverse experience and keen insights.

From Wright's perspective, joining Princeton Equity Group is not just a career move, but also an alignment of his professional aspirations with a company that values purposeful growth and operational excellence. His enthusiasm for working with Princeton's ensemble team and management units underlines a mutual ambition to take the company's portfolio to new heights of industry leadership and innovation.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of private equity investments, staying ahead of the curve requires not only financial acumen but also a strong operational foundation and strategic thinking. Jeremy Wright's entrance into Princeton Equity Group reinforces that a multi-faceted approach, leveraging industry knowledge and operational expertise, is critical for success in creating sustained value.

As the industry watches on, the strategies implemented by Wright, in harmony with the proficient team at Princeton, will likely emerge as benchmarks for operational excellence in private equity investment. There exists an unmistakable sense of anticipation for the strategic enhancements and business growth that are set to unfold under Wright's guidance and the seasoned stewardship of the existing Princeton executive team.

Note to Editors and Journalists:

The official press release regarding Jeremy Wright’s appointment is available on the Princeton Equity Group’s website. For detailed information, the news release elaborates on his past experiences, the strategic implications of his appointment, and the firm's future direction. Journalists and editors are encouraged to refer to this release for any additional context needed to frame this significant development in Princeton Equity Group's evolution.

Princeton Equity Group has continually distinguished itself as a pioneering force in the private equity landscape with a niche approach to investing. The addition of Jeremy Wright is set to magnify this influence, ushering in a new chapter of leadership and success. His appointment is not merely a change in personnel but a strategic convergence of expertise and ambition that is poised to redefine operational efficiency and investment excellence in the private equity space.

With an eye towards a bright and industrious future, Princeton Equity Group and Jeremy Wright are forging a partnership defined by excellence and innovation. The business landscape is expected to witness the notable impact of their alliance in the evolving field of franchise and multi-unit company investments. This new era promises to solidify Princeton's standing as a visionary and transformative player in the private investment fraternity, driving change and delivering exceptional value to its partners and stakeholders alike.

The firm's official press materials, including contact details, are available for further reference and follow-up. They extend an open invitation for dialogue to media professionals who wish to expand on this story or require additional comments.

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As we close the announcement detailing this strategic and promising engagement, further queries can be directed to Princeton Equity Group's official media contact. The firm remains committed to transparency and engagement with the media and its stakeholders.

Jeremy Wright's appointment as Operating Partner is not only a testament to Princeton Equity Group's robust growth but also an indicator of its dedication to leadership in operational strategy and investment. With a seasoned professional such as Wright joining the ranks, the firm is set to continue its trajectory of sustained growth, operational excellence, and strategic partnership, promising exciting developments for the private equity landscape.