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Jeff Larson’s Pivotal Promotion to CEO Marks an Era of Innovation and Growth for Mediassociates


Michael Chen

March 20, 2024 - 19:53 pm


Mediassociates Elevates Jeff Larson to Chief Executive Officer

SANDY HOOK, Conn., March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The prominent independent media agency known for its expertise in media planning, buying, and analytics, Mediassociates, today announced a significant restructuring of its executive ranks. Jeff Larson, who has played a pivotal role in the growth of Mediassociates, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer. In addition to his elevation to CEO, Larson retains his former title as President of the agency. He succeeds agency founder Scott Brunjes, who embarked on the Mediassociates journey in 1996 and will continue to serve as the company’s Chairman and primary shareholder.

In his expanded role, Larson is poised to spearhead the strategic direction of the agency, bolstering its commitment to superior client service, operational excellence, talent acquisition, and societal contributions through philanthropy and community engagement.

A Testament to Expansive Growth Under Larson's Vision

Mediassociates has seen its scale more than triple during Larson's tenure at the helm. This impressive expansion stands as a testament to his visionary leadership and the team's ability to deliver stellar results in a fiercely competitive media sphere. The strategic moves executed under Larson’s guidance have not only scaled the agency significantly but have also earned prominent industry recognition and praise.

Jeff Larson, President and CEO, Mediassociates, Inc.

Scott Brunjes Praises Larson's Impactful Leadership

Reflecting on his decision to entrust the presidential role to Larson, Brunjes remarked, "When I met and ultimately hired Jeff as our first agency President, I was convinced he was the right person with the right vision to steer Mediassociates through its next phase of growth. Since then, under Jeff's leadership, the results have been phenomenal. The agency has more than tripled in size and continues to help our clients triumph in an increasingly competitive media landscape." Brunjes expressed his unwavering confidence in Larson's ability and pronounced his eagerness to observe the promising trajectory Larson will chart out for Mediassociates as its CEO.

An Outsider's Expertise: Jeff Larson's Client-Side Edge

Jeff Larson ventured into Mediassociates in 2017, armed with an expansive twenty-plus years of brand-building expertise gained from his time at industry giants like Procter & Gamble, Subway Restaurants, and Stew Leonard's. Stepping into the agency realm for the first time, he introduced a fresh take on the obstacles that modern brand marketers face and innovatively demonstrated the game-changing influence that a well-strategized media agency partnership can have on accelerating business results.

Innovation and Recognition under Larson’s Guidance

During his tenure, Larson's strategic prowess manifested in the launch of Mediassociates' acclaimed 'Precision Branding' strategy, which significantly enhanced the company's media approach. Under his guidance, Mediassociates has broadened its capabilities within digital media, analytics, and artificial intelligence. The strength of these advancements was recognized through prestigious industry accolades, with Mediassociates being celebrated as an AdWeek Fastest Growing Agency and included among AdAge's Best Places to Work.

Sharing his sentiments on the success stories crafted at Mediassociates, Larson commented, "The rapid growth of this agency has been an exhilarating journey made possible by a remarkable team. I am incredibly proud of the robust business and nurturing culture we have cultivated here. It is exhilarating to think of what lies ahead as we continue propelling forward, innovating, and delivering excellence for our clients."

Mediassociates' Philanthropic and Ethical Commitments

Reflecting its strong ethical values, Mediassociates extends its success to philanthropic endeavors. With Larson at the forefront, the agency has buttressed its partnership with World Vision through 'The Village Project' in Honduras, contributing significantly to bettering lives in the region. Additionally, the company's support spans various local charitable causes and has inspired the launch of initiatives centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion—a clear indication of Larson's and Mediassociates' dedication to broader social impact beyond their immediate industry.

About Mediassociates

Mediassociates positions itself as a media pillar for mid-market entities eager to drive growth in an ever-evolving advertising ecosystem. The agency's 'Precision Branding' is designed to help brands craft impactful communication strategies through predictive planning and meticulous outcome optimization. Mediassociates boasts an impressive client portfolio, including NJM Insurance, University of Phoenix, DXL Group, Mount Sinai Health System, Citizen Watches, Fannie Mae, Ziply Fiber, and MidFlorida Credit Union. Its selection by Adweek and Ad Age further exemplifies the agency's steadfast reputation and commitment to excellence within the media planning and analytics sector.

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Mediassociates Envisions a Forward-Thinking Future

Under Larson’s leadership, Mediassociates is not just transforming the media landscape for its clients but reshaping what it means to be a media agency in today's multifaceted business environment. The digital frontiers open for exploration, such as analytics and AI, have become integral to Mediassociates' approach to media buying and strategic planning. Amid an ever-shifting industry, Mediassociates and its team of astute professionals, spearheaded by Larson, stand ready to confront complexity with innovative solutions, creating an agile and outcome-driven culture that consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible in media strategy.

Paving the Way in Media Excellence and Integrity

As Mediassociates basks in its history of impressive growth and enviable successes, Larson’s enthronement as CEO is envisioned to usher in an era of unrestrained potential and innovation-driven achievements. The agency's ethos, cultivated under Larson's and Brunjes' stewardship, mirrors a deep commitment to not only excel in media planning and analytics but to do so with an overarching emphasis on integrity and community contributions. This holistic approach to business, where success is intricately tied to the ability to give back and uplift others, is what sets Mediassociates apart and paves its path forward as a leader in purpose-driven media endeavors.

Nurturing Talents and Redefining Media Landscapes

A critical facet of Larson's mandate as CEO is to ensure that Mediassociates remains a coveted destination for preeminent talents in the industry. Cultivating an environment that attracts, develops, and retains individuals who are not only skilled but also align with the agency's core values, is a cornerstone of his leadership strategy. As revolutionary technologies and platforms continue to redefine the media landscapes, Mediassociates' workforce is primed to innovate and execute media strategies that resonate with audiences and deliver tangible business outcomes for their clients.

Fostering Client Victories in Competitive Arenas

In his dialogue with stakeholders, Larson often emphasizes the importance of fostering client victories in highly competitive arenas. The multifacet strategies employed by Mediassociates are not simply meant to keep pace with industry standards but to set new benchmarks for what can be achieved through astute media planning and analytics. Larson's vision encapsulates a future where Mediassociates is synonymous with triumph—a beacon for brands navigating the complexities of contemporary media environments.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Collective Achievements

In closing, as Jeff Larson assumes the mantle of Chief Executive Officer at Mediassociates, the industry watches with anticipation. The collective achievements under his presidency have been groundbreaking, and the expectation is that his ascension to CEO will only accelerate the momentum. With a passionate team, a history of innovation, and an unwavering commitment to clients, Mediassociates looks set to redefine the standards of media excellence in the years ahead.

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This news article embodies the vibrancy and dynamism that come with a leadership changeover rooted in shared values and an unyielding drive for excellence. The story of Mediassociates and Jeff Larson's elevation to CEO is a narrative of vision, innovation, and substantial growth, showcasing an evolutionary leap for a respected media agency well into 2024 and beyond.