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Globant Disrupts Tech Industry With Humor-Laced 'Taste ID' Campaign


Benjamin Hughes

March 21, 2024 - 13:59 pm


Globant's New "Taste ID" Ad: A Witty Take on Tech Clichés

In the world of digital transformation, many companies tout their technology as the key to business success; however, Globant has taken a strikingly different approach with the launch of its innovative and playful commercial, "Taste ID." This latest addition to the "Stuck in Consultancy Saga" seamlessly marries humor with a candid critique of the nonsensical applications often seen in the tech sphere. "I AI" and "1000 Slides" are previous chapters in this narrative, also brought to life by the creative minds at GUT—a recently acquired member of the Globant family.

Setting the scene in the bustling hub of New York City, on March 21, 2024, this new commercial was unveiled by Globant, an esteemed digitally native company dedicated to revolutionizing businesses with groundbreaking technology solutions. Their commercial, "Taste ID," can be viewed on their website, offering a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the industry's sometimes ludicrous tech advancements.

Globant Presents “Taste ID”: the New Ad by GUT Pokes Fun at Legacy Tech Industry

The premise of "Taste ID" is a direct and amusing confrontation of a notion embedded within IT organizations: a disconnect from the genuine needs and wishes of end users when devising technological solutions for clients. The commercial skewers a fictitious tech company announcing 'Taste ID'—an impractical technology claiming to discern what individuals desire to eat simply by licking their smartphone screen. Amid the disbelief of the executives witnessing the demo, the presentation ends with a powerful punchline, exclaiming, "Enough with nonsense tech." This statement encapsulates Globant's philosophy that technology should be harnessed for genuine business accomplishments.

Boasting over two decades of industry leadership, Globant stands at the forefront of delivering digital solutions that are not merely effective but also engaging and user-centered. While many corporations may have an extensive history of working with a plethora of IT partners, none compare to Globant's zealous commitment towards digital prowess that consistently puts the customers of its clientele first. Their specialized solutions are designed not just to address the needs of their clients but to reinvent them in a way that fundamentally resonates with their consumers.

Wanda Weigert, Globant's Chief Brand Officer, reinforces the brand's inherent aspiration to break free from established industry conventions. She articulates Globant's approach to digital revolution, which strives not just to meet the functional specifications of its clients but to fascinate and captivate the consumers at the receiving end of the digital experiences they help forge.

Matías Lafalla, the Chief Creative Officer at GUT, underscores the campaign's focus on embracing consumer-centric development in digital creations. He elucidates how Globant's expertise in generating digital products that genuinely win over users stands in sharp contrast to its competitors. Lafalla highlights the deliberate choice to sustain the saga's emblematic blend of whimsy and satire as a storytelling vehicle for this critical message.

Indeed, both Globant and GUT are lauded as pioneers within their respective sectors on a global stage. With Globant having been identified as the fastest-growing IT brand and the 5th strongest IT brand worldwide by the Brand Finance Report 2024, and GUT celebrated as the most creative independent advertising network at Cannes 2023. Their distinctive synergies have elevated both organizations to previously unseen heights within the digital and creative landscapes.

Embarking on a Digital Odyssey with Globant

Globant prides itself as a trailblazer in aiding organizations to evolve and actualize their latent potential. Positioned at the crossroads of innovation, design, and large-scale engineering, Globant's expansive reach extends to 33 countries, with a staggering 29,000+ employees who are instrumental in propelling major companies, including Google, Electronic Arts, and Santander, into the future.

Their recognition as a vanguard in AI Services by the IDC MarketScape report in 2023 and their role as a leader in CX Improvement Services in 2020 speaks to their distinct ability to launch enterprises into new realms of digital presence. Alongside such corporate triumphs, Globant has also been the subject of academic case studies across prestigious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.