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Citycon OYJ Welcomes New Executives, Poised for Strategic Growth


Lauren Miller

March 27, 2024 - 07:49 am


Citycon OYJ Announces New Executive Appointments to Strengthen Leadership Team

HELSINKI, March 27, 2024 – Citycon OYJ, a prominent player in the realm of mixed-use real estate, today unveiled major changes to its Corporate Management Committee, poised to take effect from April 1, 2024. Helen Metsvaht and Jussi Vyyryläinen are the latest additions to this elite strategic group. Metsvaht will step into the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO), while Vyyryläinen will assume the position of Senior Vice President, Leasing.

Metsvaht, who proudly holds Estonian citizenship, has been an integral part of Citycon since 2016. She boasts a successful track record within the company, known for her current dynamic management as Director, Asset Management. Prior to this, she played a pivotal role in propelling the commercial strategies for Citycon's Estonian assets. Finnish citizen Vyyryläinen brings to the table over 14 years of invaluable experience with Citycon. In the past five years, he has adeptly steered Citycon’s leasing teams to new heights. Both professionals will command their new responsibilities from Citycon's headquarters in Espoo, further solidifying the local expertise within the management team.

Henrica Ginström, the incoming CEO of Citycon, expressed her enthusiasm for the new appointments: "I am pleased to have Helen and Jussi joining our Corporate Management Committee. Helen brings extensive expertise in all aspects of asset management, while Jussi has a long track-record in leasing, the core aspect of our business. Combined with their strong leadership skills and in-depth understanding of Citycon's operations and markets, they will be a valuable addition to our management team."

Following the new appointments, the composition of Citycon's Corporate Management Committee starting April will be as follows: Henrica Ginström as Chief Executive Officer, Sakari Järvelä as Chief Financial Officer, Helen Metsvaht as Chief Operating Officer, Erik Lennhammar as Chief Development Officer, and Jussi Vyyryläinen as Senior Vice President, Leasing.

For those seeking more information about these strategic appointments or wishing to learn more about Citycon's vision and initiatives, Sakari Järvelä, the Chief Financial Officer, can be reached at +358 50 387 8180 or via email at [email protected].

Citycon OYJ stands as a vanguard in the ownership, management, and development of contemporary mixed-use real estate. Their model encapsulates necessity-based retail synergized with residential, office, and municipal service spaces, creating an ecosystem that enriches the communities it serves. Citycon is dedicated to eco-conscious property management throughout the Nordic region, affirming its commitment with assets totaling around EUR 4.0 billion. Each center is strategically situated in the urban core of bustling communities, with seamless integration to public transport and anchored by a spectrum of amenities, including grocery, healthcare, and other essential customer services.

The company is recognized for its financial steadiness, with an investment-grade credit rating conferred by Standard & Poor’s (BBB-). A mark of its reputable standing is the listing of Citycon's shares on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

For further exploration of Citycon’s corporate profile, financial insights, and their market presence, stakeholders and interested parties can visit the official website at www.citycon.com.

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Citycon OYJ provides visual assets to accompany this news, which are available for download. Pictures of Helen Metsvaht and Jussi Vyyryläinen in their professional capacity can be found at the following links, respectively:

These images can serve as a helpful resource for media coverage and provide a personal touch to the narrative of Citycon's evolving leadership team.

As Citycon OYJ forges ahead, it reflects the company’s strategic commitment to placing seasoned and adept leaders at the helm of its core operational segments. The integration of Helen Metsvaht and Jussi Vyyryläinen into the Corporate Management Committee heralds not only the dawning of enhanced executive oversight but also Citycon’s relentless pursuit of excellence in its sector. Their cumulative experience within the company ensures a smooth transition and continued prosperity in their new roles. With support from the entire Corporate Management Committee, Citycon looks forward to improved operational efficiencies, sustained growth, and strengthened market position.

The strategic expansion of Citycon’s Corporate Management Committee aligns with the company’s initiatives towards bolstering its business model. This real estate giant is well-poised to continue its trajectory of innovation and customer-centric services backed by robust leadership. Citycon's sustainable growth philosophy further underscores its responsive nature to evolving consumer behaviors and market demands.

Through the infusion of fresh perspectives and adherence to proven strategies, the augmented executive team sets a promising course for the company's future. Citycon OYJ’s commitment to sustainability, urban community enrichment, and modern retail design remains the keystone of its business ethos.

The appointments of Metsvaht and Vyyryläinen are a testament to Citycon's belief in nurturing talent from within its ranks. By recognizing and promoting the expertise of long-term employees, Citycon reinforces a corporate culture of loyalty, dedication, and opportunity. In turn, such an environment leads to strategic consistency and deeply rooted institutional knowledge.

As Citycon continues to adapt to the dynamic retail environment, it remains steadfast in its commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction. The company's strategy, embodying the intersection of retail and real estate innovation, positions it advantageously in a competitive market. Through deliberate leadership decisions like these, Citycon amplifies its ability to navigate the complexities of the industry and stay at the forefront of urban development.

In conclusion, Citycon OYJ is embracing a period of transformative leadership aimed at strengthening its market position and driving future growth. With the elevation of Helen Metsvaht and Jussi Vyyryläinen to the Corporate Management Committee, the company showcases its dedication to progressive governance and a sustainable business model. As Citycon looks to the future, it stands on solid ground, ready to extend its reach and enhance the urban experience for communities across the Nordic region.

For those interested in comprehensive insights about Citycon OYJ's latest developments and future outlook, additional information is readily available. This news release constitutes a significant milestone for the company and underscores its proactive approach to leadership and innovation in the field of mixed-use real estate.

Investors, analysts, and the general public are encouraged to stay informed about Citycon's progress and strategic initiatives through regular updates and communications from the company. As Citycon continues to grow and evolve, it is certain that the contributions of its enriched leadership team will play a pivotal role in its ongoing success.

Citycon OYJ's journey is marked by a commitment to community building and environmental stewardship, which are ingrained in its operations and vision. With the appointment of Helen Metsvaht and Jussi Vyyryläinen to key executive roles, the company reaffirms its position as a leader in sustainable urban development and a model for the future of integrated, community-focused property management.