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Asian Pioneer SU Zhi Gang Clinches Prestigious Thea Award in Themed Entertainment Industry Triumph


Lauren Miller

March 21, 2024 - 17:26 pm


Trailblazing Leader from Asia Honored with Prestigious Thea Award

ZHUHAI, China, March 21, 2024 – At the recent global summit of the Themed Entertainment Association, better known as the TEA INSPIRE, the industry gathered in Los Angeles from the 13th to the 16th of March to recognize achievements in themed entertainment. This year marked the 30th Annual Thea Awards Gala, an event synonymous with excellence in the realm of themed experiences. The event was also a moment of pride for Asia as Mr. SU Zhi Gang, United Nations Ambassador for Sustainable Tourism and Chairman of the Chimelong Group, was bestowed with the illustrious Buzz Price Thea Award for a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements. This honor made him the first Asian entrepreneur to be graced with such a prestigious acknowledgment.

A Glance at the History of TEA

Established in 1991, the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) is an influential non-profit alliance comprising around 1,600 members. These members are the masterminds, innovators, designers, and producers that lead the international themed entertainment market. Yearly, TEA undertakes an exhaustive selection process and celebrates the pinnacle of creativity and innovation through the Thea Awards. Widely regarded as one of the highest honors in the industry, they are often equated to the 'Oscars' of themed entertainment.

The Story of Chimelong's Success

The Chimelong Group, since its foundation in 1989, has devoted over three decades to the domain of cultural tourism. A testament to their relentless pursuit of innovation, research, and creativity, they have crafted two world-renowned cultural tourism resorts that mesmerize millions: the Chimelong Resort in Guangzhou and the Chimelong International Ocean Resort in Hengqin, Zhuhai. These resorts lure vast numbers of visitors with an enticing suite of attractions, breathtaking shows, and welcoming accommodations. Chimelong's brand has transcended national boundaries, becoming a beloved name among both local and international tourists.

Garnering nearly 40 million annual visitors, Chimelong's groundbreaking theme park features have positioned it at the summit of global theme park entities.

China's Premier Vacation Oasis

The Chimelong Resort in Guangzhou stakes its claim as Chimelong Group's first sprawling multi-themed resort. Encompassing world-class theme parks, awe-inspiring performance spaces, and luxurious hotels, this resort is the epitome of comprehensive themed resorts in China. With attractions such as the Chimelong Safari Park, the Chimelong Paradise, and the Chimelong International Circus, coupled with hospitality from the Chimelong Hotel, Chimelong Panda Hotel, and Chimelong Xiangjiang Hotel, it has rightfully earned the accolade of being China's favorite one-stop holiday destination.

Conversely, the Chimelong International Ocean Resort in Hengqin, Zhuhai is a magnum opus of the Chimelong Group, representing the zenith of 'super resorts.' It amalgamates luxury hotels, expansive theme parks, and multifaceted conference facilities, creating a hub of tourism, shopping, sports, and relaxation. Employing revolutionary technology and creative design, alongside superior management, this resort is not just a sight to behold. It is an experience to be lived, fostering an immersive encounter with leisure and culture.

Intriguingly, a forest-themed Chimelong resort is currently underway in Qingyuan, which is anticipated to soon begin trial operations and add to the spectacle.

Elevating Experience to New Heights

As the public's appetite for unique travel experiences burgeons, thematic setting tourism has emerged as the new darling of the tourism market. It serves as a muse for innovation and the re-imagination of scenic areas. Chimelong Group expertly anticipates and satisfies these diverse consumer desires, continually pushing the envelope with a visionary approach and relentless quest for discovery. By collaborating with top-tier international teams, Chimelong has vastly expanded its tourism repertoire, incorporating a diverse array of themed events and interactive experiences. This expansion has not only enriched the cultural depth and value-added aspect of its offerings but also heightened visitor engagement and propelled thematic setting cultural tourism forward.

Recognition That Transcends Borders

Chimelong's resonance within the cultural tourism sector is not solely attributed to its innovative themes or voluminous footfall. Over the years, its commitment to excellence has garnered multiple Thea Awards, thereby establishing it as a beacon of Chinese cultural tourism on the world stage. From being a celebrated nominee for the world's best theme park to successive accolades in various categories, Chimelong's awards résumé is both impressive and telling of its pioneering spirit and the exceptional experiences it delivers.

Renowned for their SlideWheel attraction, the Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou not only became the first water park awarded by TEA for Outstanding Achievement but has also consistently dominated the rankings as the world's most visited water park. These repeated triumphs and record-breaking achievements unequivocally attest to Chimelong's venerable positioning as the world's premier water park.

A Visionary Future for Chinese Cultural Tourism

Looking toward the horizon, Chimelong dreams big with aspirations of cementing its status as a world-class Chinese cultural tourism brand. By focusing on innovation and delivering unparalleled service, Chimelong's ambition is to showcase the captivating charm of Chinese culture and tourism to a global audience. The ultimate vision is not just to provide an escape but to create a narrative - one where every visitor's experience contributes to a larger story of joy, discovery, and cultural appreciation.

Honoring an Unforgettable Legacy

With the TEA's recognition of Mr. SU Zhi Gang through the Buzz Price Thea Award, a momentous chapter is added to the story of Chimelong's pioneering spirit. This accolade is a reflection not just of an individual's achievements but of an entire culture's aspiration for excellence in the realm of themed entertainment. Mr. SU's visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability have been pivotal in crafting experiences that go beyond amusements to touch the very souls of visitors.

As we look back at the gala, one cannot help but be inspired by the confluence of past accomplishments, present endeavors, and future aspirations that this award signifies - a continuum that promises to elevate the cultural tourism industry to unprecedented heights. This honor serves as a potent reminder that dedication, ingenuity, and passion are the cornerstones of creating legacies that endure.

Explore the Wonders

For those eager to witness the magic of the Chimelong Group's achievements and Mr. SU Zhi Gang's celebrated legacy, an array of images from the TEA INSPIRE event is available online:

These visual snippets offer a glimpse into the opulence and grandeur that define Chimelong's immersive experiences and have propelled the brand to its status as an icon of global cultural tourism.

In Conclusion, the recognition of Mr. SU Zhi Gang with the Thea Award is an ode to Asian enterprise and innovation within the global themed entertainment industry. It symbolizes the merit of perseverance and the potential for Asian entities to shine on the world stage. The narrative of Chimelong Group is one of creativity, ambition, and unrelenting progress – a narrative that continues to unfold and inspire.

Looking back at the profound impact of the TEA INSPIRE summit and the Thea Awards Gala, it's clear that distinguished figures like Mr. SU Zhi Gang and pioneering companies like the Chimelong Group are not only shaping the contours of cultural tourism but also nurturing a legacy that will inspire generations to come.

As the Themed Entertainment Association celebrates these accomplishments, it serves as a beacon for others in the industry to recognize the boundless possibilities of dreams combined with dedication. Through such prestigious accolades as the Buzz Price Thea Award, the TEA continues to uplift the standards of this dynamic industry by honoring true icons who have transformed leisure and entertainment into extraordinary global narratives.

As the Chimelong Group continues its quest for innovation, catering to the ever-evolving tastes of tourists worldwide, and as Mr. SU Zhi Gang's leadership and vision reverberate through the industry, we stand witness to a remarkable journey. A journey that not only defines the essence of themed entertainment but immortalizes the spirit of cultural tourism through timeless memories forged in the hearts of millions.

The journey of Chimelong and Mr. SU is a testament to the fact that with creativity, innovation, and commitment to excellence, one can achieve the extraordinary and redefine an industry for decades to come.

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