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Accelerate Wealth: Banxso's Tour de Banxso Fuses Classic Racing with Trading Thrills


Michael Chen

March 19, 2024 - 10:26 am


Revving Up the Market: Tour de Banxso Marries Classic Racing with Financial Trading

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, March 19, 2024—Banxso, a leading force in the online trading domain, has recently inaugurated the prestigious Tour de Banxso, a trading extravaganza that is sure to send ripples through the financial community in South Africa. Scheduled to run from February 15 to May 15, 2024, the event is a 90-day marathon of market traipsing intertwined with the splendor and nostalgia of classic car racing—truly an event that caters to both traders and car aficionados.

Banxso: Regulation and Reputation

Operational from its headquarters in Cape Town, Banxso, which is fully licensed and supervised by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority, has earned a reputable status for its exceptional trading offerings. The Tour de Banxso is the latest feather in its cap as it strives to bring forward an inventive and captivating competition landscape for their distinguished clients. You can follow the latest updates on the event at Tour de Banxso.

A Race Inspired Competition Prize

Far more than mere trading, the competition is a homage to the golden era of racing. The grand prize is nothing short of extraordinary: a 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL, a car with a legacy as grand as its staggering value of R2,800,000. The lucky victor will not only become the proud owner of this historic automobile but will also be entered into the illustrious Cape 1000 Classic Car Race. Additionally, an Official Mille Miglia Chopard Watch valued at R200,000 will grace the wrist of the winner, further cementing the winner's entry into the classic racing elite.

Awards for Outstanding Achievers

The allure of this extraordinary competition does not end with the first prize. Those securing the second and third places will also be richly rewarded. The runner-up will be granted an exclusive invitation to the Mille Miglia 2024 event in Italy, while the third-place winner will adorn their wrist with a Chopard watch as well. It's clear that the Tour de Banxso ensures rewards running deep into its list of exceptional participants.

Entry Criteria and Competition Mechanics

To ensure a spot in the Tour de Banxso, interested traders must meet the entry conditions, which includes a minimum deposit of R100,000 along with the execution of no fewer than 100 trades across a diverse portfolio of ten different assets. Winners will be determined based on the highest winning ratio—a methodology that promotes a level playing field and embodies the true spirit of competition.

Competition participants will have their mettle tested in specially crafted competition accounts, which are designed to spotlight trading acumen by abstaining from any deposit bonuses or cash-back incentives. The creative framework of the competition, coupled with live leaderboard updates, seeks to emulate the raw excitement of the legendary Mille Miglia race, indulging traders in the dual excitement of the trading floor and the historical racetrack.

The Thrilling Climax

As the Tour de Banxso heads toward its grand finale on May 15, 2024, an additional strategic twist awaits the participants. All remaining open trades will be finalized at prevailing market prices, introducing a strategic element that promises to electrify the atmosphere as the competition approaches its high-octane conclusion.

A Celebratory Fusion

In presenting the Tour de Banxso, Banxso is not merely hosting a trading competition; it is crafting a celebration that intertwines the enduring charm of vintage motorsport with the daring spirit of the trading world. The initiative is set to become a benchmark for both trading professionals and car enthusiasts, offering an unusual yet enthralling occasion to engage in dual passions concurrently.

Moreover, Banxso's commitment to South African talent and athletic distinction is incontrovertible, backed by its sponsorship of acclaimed entities such as the national football team, Bafana Bafana, and the esteemed South African UFC Champion Dricus du Plessis. This continuum of support demonstrates Banxso's resolve in promoting and celebrating the nation's prowess on various platforms.

As a result of Banxso's ingenuity, spectators and participants will both partake in a gripping spectacle that melds the essence of finance with racing pedigree. The Tour de Banxso is poised to inscribe a thrilling new chapter in South Africa's grand trading and automotive narrative.

For Further Information

For more details and inquiries about this captivating event, media representatives can reach out to Manpreet Singh via email at [email protected] or by phone at +16465064977. Banxso continues to forge ahead, making strides in the manifold realms of trading and sponsoring high-profile sporting excellence, seizing the attention of traders and racing fans alike.


This news has been brought to you by Banxso, pivotal in narrating a story that marries the spirit of classic racing with the dynamic world of financial trading. Explore more about Banxso and the Tour de Banxso by visiting their official site located at http://banxso.com/.

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