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Abstrakt Marketing Group Secures Elite Top Workplaces USA Title for Second Year


Michael Chen

March 20, 2024 - 19:28 pm


Abstrakt Marketing Group Celebrates Second Consecutive Top Workplaces USA Award

ST. LOUIS, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The prestigious 2024 Top Workplaces USA award has been conferred upon Abstrakt Marketing Group, marking the firm's second successive year as a recipient. Featured in USA TODAY, the award shines a light on Abstrakt's unwavering commitment to its team members, underscoring its efforts to guarantee enriching work experiences for its entire staff.

A Testament to Exemplary Corporate Culture

For nearly two decades, the Top Workplaces program has diligently sought to discover employers with exemplary workplace cultures. With an impressive track record spanning 17 years, the program has surveyed over 27 million employees in 60 different regional markets. The objective is to grant recognition to those employers that stand out for their remarkable workplace environments. Amidst an intensely competitive field of more than 42,000 participants, Abstrakt Marketing Group soared to the top, clinching the award based strictly on feedback solicited through an employee engagement survey conducted by Energage, the eminent HR tech and research firm piloting the Top Workplaces initiative.

Grace Jacquot, Abstrakt’s Director of PR and Communication, conveyed the significance of the consecutive wins, asserting, "Securing this win for the second year consecutively is a testament to the remarkable community and workplace that we have nurtured at Abstrakt. Our team tirelessly drives our company ahead."

Recognition Beyond Merit

Abstrakt's recent acclaim adds to a growing list of accolades that acknowledge the company’s exceptional workplace culture, unabated creativity, and its impressive inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list for the ninth occasion in the preceding year.

Eric Rubino, Chief Executive Officer of Energage, highlighted the importance of the Top Workplaces accolade, stating, "The Top Workplaces award is a badge of honor and a representation of prestige that companies should exhibit with pride. The people-centric cultures they've developed and meticulously nurtured distinguish them in the fiercely competitive business market. These organizations signify the very best in their respective fields."

Driving Growth and Advancement

Abstrakt's recent annual figures speak volumes about the company’s dedication to employee progression. In the year 2023 alone, the company recorded a staggering 252 internal career advancements coupled with 163 promotions, indicating that over 35% of the Abstrakt workforce experienced professional advancement within that period. However, the numbers merely scratch the surface of what makes Abstrakt a truly unique place to work. The company culture is tailored to foster an atmosphere where each team member is made to feel integral, appreciated, and supported in their career journey.

Melanie Clark, Abstrakt’s Chief Marketing Officer, spoke on the company’s emphasis on growth, "We prioritize growth in every element of our business, particularly in relation to our staff members' career trajectories," she noted. "Our firm is vested in creating avenues for our team to not only carve their niche but also to progress in their sales and marketing careers. For those seeking professional growth, Abstrakt stands out as THE place to be."

Commitment to Fostering a Progressive Culture

Even as Abstrakt Marketing Group sets newer standards for workplace excellence, its allegiance to nurturing a culture brimming with growth opportunities and innovation remains steadfast. The company's driving force remains its people, whose potential and career growth are nurtured with as much zeal as the business growth.

By prioritizing the alignment of the company’s growth with that of its employees, Abstrakt ensures an environment that not only values their current workforce but also actively invests in their future potential. This people-first approach to business demonstrates a clear understanding that a company's success is intrinsically linked to the satisfaction and advancement of its team.

Empowering a Dynamic Team

Abstrakt’s career advancement statistics are testament not only to the opportunities available within the company but also to its belief in its team's capabilities. It reflects a working environment that empowers employees, encourages them to take on new challenges, and rewards their hard work and success. The focus on internal career growth is a clear indication of the company's commitment to its people — building leaders from within its own ranks, which allows for a deeper understanding of the company culture and business operations.

The pathways to career progression at Abstrakt are diverse, tailored to meet the ambitions of its workforce and guided by the vision that nurturing internal talent is key to not only personal success but the overall success of the organization.

An Environment of Recognition and Reward

When employees know that their management recognizes and values their efforts, it can significantly boost morale and motivation. Through its various accolades and robust growth figures, Abstrakt Marketing Group has shown that it is fully committed to celebrating its employees' achievements and to providing a nurturing platform for their career aspirations.

This culture of recognition at Abstrakt goes beyond surface-level perks; it's about creating a substantial impact on an individual's career and self-worth. This approach, without a doubt, translates into a workforce that is motivated, aligned with the company's goals, and more likely to produce high-quality work and drive innovation within the organization.

Setting Industry Standards for Workplace Satisfaction

The consistent recognition that Abstrakt Marketing Group receives is indicative of an industry-setting approach to employee satisfaction and workplace culture. The accolades are a by-product of the company's core belief in nurturing a welcoming and rewarding work environment, which in turn fosters loyalty and inspires employees to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their roles.

Such industry acknowledgment reaffirms the company’s standing in the marketplace not only for their business impact but also for being a leader in creating an environment where the best talent wishes to work, grow, and succeed.

A Future Built on Employee Engagement

Looking forward, the trajectory for Abstrakt Marketing Group is one based on continued employee engagement and satisfaction. With awards and recognition from Top Workplaces USA and other esteemed organisms, the company positions itself as a trendsetter in the domain of workplace congeniality and employee contentment.

As Abstrakt paves the way for innovative practices in the realm of human resource development, other companies may look to emulate its successful strategies as benchmarks. This, in turn, contributes to a more broad-based improvement in work cultures across various industries, making the business landscape more people-centric and mindful of employee needs.

In Conclusion

Abstrakt Marketing Group's repeated recognition as a Top Workplace is not merely a laurel for the company but a promissory note to its current and future employees. It is a commitment to an ongoing practice of offering a progressive, innovative, and fundamentally supportive work environment.

As celebrated in USA TODAY, this accolade for Abstrakt is a beacon for those seeking a career that flourishes in parallel with their employer’s growth, reinforced by the notion that a company truly thrives when its employees do.

For additional information about the achievements and culture of Abstrakt Marketing Group or to explore career opportunities, visit their website at abstraktmg.com.

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