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101 Mobility Appoints Industry Expert Michael Condon as New Directors


Benjamin Hughes

March 4, 2024 - 21:23 pm


101 Mobility Elevates Accessibility Services with New Director of Franchise Development

WILMINGTON, N.C., March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The reputed pioneer in mobility and accessibility solutions, 101 Mobility, has proudly announced the appointment of the esteemed Michael Condon to the crucial role of Director of Franchise Development. This significant acquisition by the company is a testament to its steadfast dedication to progressive growth, enhancing accessibility, and fortifying its noble mission aimed at providing independence, freedom, and safety. Through this key appointment, the organization cements its status as a formidable national figure in the mobility and accessibility sector.

Michael Condon appointed as Director of Franchise Development

101 Mobility Welcomes Michael Condon as New Director of Franchise Development

Michael Condon: A Beacon of Experience and Expertise

Michael Condon comes to 101 Mobility decked with over fifteen years of rich experience in franchise sales, development, and management, which imparts him with a trove of industry wisdom and proficiency. This is built upon a solid academic foundation that features a BA in Business Administration from the prestigious University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, topped with a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing from the esteemed Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro.

Career Highlights and Achievements

The journey leading to his new directorial post at 101 Mobility saw Condon making noteworthy strides in the franchise realm. His impactful contributions as Director of Franchise Development for Jovie were nothing short of revolutionary, as under his leadership the organization emerged as the country’s prime in-home childcare provider. Moreover, his tenure at FranChoice spanned four fruitful years where he excelled as a franchise broker. His efforts were central to the company's growth, meticulously recruiting franchisees, and constructing pivotal strategic partnerships.

A Visionary Leadership at the Helm

Joe Loch, the President of 101 Mobility, expressed immense elation over the inclusion of Michael Condon on the company’s team. "We are excited to have Michael on board. His proven track record of success and his passion for business growth positions him as an ideal leader for our franchise development initiatives. 101 Mobility is confident that Michael will drive the company to new heights, expand our presence in new markets in the US and Canada, and strengthen our position as the premier provider of mobility and accessibility solutions nationwide,” stated Joe Loch.

Michael Condon: A Man of the World

Michael Condon is not only proficient in the strategic realm but also shines in his cultural versatility, being fluent in Brazilian Portuguese—an asset that amplifies his global perspective. His passion for community service is evident through his engagement in coaching youth sports. Residing in Minneapolis, MN with his spouse Aline and their two sons Tyler and Lucas, Condon is poised to transpose his fervent experience to propel 101 Mobility’s expansion aspirations. His goal is straightforward yet profound: to escalate the company’s influence and make a significant difference in people’s lives through the power of mobility solutions.

Expanding Opportunities with Franchise Development

For those inspired by the mission and vision of 101 Mobility, there are ample franchise opportunities awaiting. To learn more about how 101 Mobility is shaping the landscape of mobility solutions and to explore the potential of joining their growing franchise network, interested parties are encouraged to visit 101 Mobility Franchise Opportunity.

About 101 Mobility

101 Mobility is not just a business, it is a full-service provider that symbolizes compassion and innovation in enhancing the accessibility needs of the community. Specializing in the sales, service, and installation of a comprehensive array of mobility and home accessibility equipment, the company’s product arsenal is diverse and includes stair lifts, auto lifts, ramps, porch lifts, patient lifts, power wheelchairs, and scooters, among others. Its solutions aren’t limited to purchase options alone but also extend into short- and long-term rental services, which cater to the needs of residences, businesses, and institutions alike.

Commitment to Enhancing Accessibility

Delivering more than just equipment, 101 Mobility's core commitment is to promote independence and allow individuals the joy of experiencing the comfort and safety of their own homes irrespective of mobility challenges. The nationwide leader in the mobility and accessibility field thrives on its franchise network, which plays an instrumental role in reaching out to diverse communities, delivering not just products but hope, independence, safety, and an enriched quality of life to families and communities across the United States.

The Future of Mobility Access

With the advent of Michael Condon as the Director of Franchise Development, 101 Mobility envisions an even broader horizon where its services and solutions will penetrate new markets, especially across the US and Canada. As the nation grapples with an aging population and increased demand for accessible living environments, the role of 101 Mobility has become ever more crucial.

The company’s understanding of the intricate needs of its clients has led to tailoring services and equipment that foster an environment where limitations do not dictate the terms of one’s lifestyle. 101 Mobility stands as a beacon of change in an industry where evolution and adaptiveness are the keys to making difference.

Enhancing Lives Through Tailored Solutions

Every product and service by 101 Mobility is a testament to the company’s philosophy of personalization and attentiveness. By considering the unique needs and circumstances of each client, the company ensures that each solution provided is not just effective but transformative. Whether it's a stairlift that restores independence within multi-level homes or a ramp that bridges the gap for smooth entry and exits, each installation is about empowering the users in their daily lives.

Embracing Community and Empathy

At the heart of 101 Mobility’s operations lies a deep-seated ethos of community support and empathy. The company extends its mission to touch lives far beyond the confines of business transactions—whether it’s being actively involved in local events, contributing to community-based projects, or fostering relationships with local organizations committed to similar goals. This brand ethos resonates with Michael Condon’s personal values, making his appointment not just a match in expertise, but also in vision and spirit.

A Nationwide Network with Local Heart

While 101 Mobility has a robust nationwide presence, it nurtures a network of franchises that connect on a local level, offering a unique blend of expansive expertise with individualized attention. This strategy has rendered 101 Mobility a trusted name, as they understand that true accessibility begins with a community-centric approach. It positions the franchise partners as not only providers but as neighbors invested in the wellbeing of their community members.

Beyond Business: The Ethical Imperative

101 Mobility operates not just as a business but as an entity with a moral imperative to serve. It recognizes that mobility and accessibility are not just about convenience but are quintessential human rights. In light of this, the company’s initiatives are aligned with the goal of crafting a society where accessibility obstacles are obliterated, and every individual has the means to live freely and independently.

Nurturing the Spirit of Independence

Independence is a cherished value—a fundamental aspect of human dignity. 101 Mobility embodies this principle by delivering solutions that return a sense of autonomy to those who face mobility challenges. This pursuit of independence not only benefits the individuals directly impacted but also has a ripple effect on families, caregivers, and the broader community, fostering an environment of support, understanding, and inclusiveness.

The Road Ahead: Innovation and Accessibility

Looking forward, the focus for 101 Mobility, under the guidance of industry veterans like Michael Condon, is on continuing to break barriers and innovate within the accessibility space. As technology advances, so does the potential for more sophisticated, user-friendly, and integrated mobility solutions. The organization anticipates that with commitment and foresight, the impact and reach of 101 Mobility will only broaden, making the vision of a fully accessible world not a distant dream, but an approaching reality.

The Commitment Continues

101 Mobility, backed by the expertise of its team and the visionary leadership of new appointments such as Michael Condon, reaffirms its commitment to a future where mobility challenges are a thing of the past. As the company strides forward, it pledges to uphold its core values of independence, freedom, and safety, ensuring that for individuals navigating through life's various physical challenges, the right support is always within reach.

SOURCE: 101 Mobility, LLC

For additional insights and information regarding how 101 Mobility is transforming the mobility and accessibility industry, please refer to the official 101 Mobility website.


As 101 Mobility welcomes Michael Condon aboard, the dawn of an invigorated chapter in franchise development arises. With its robust commitment to quality, community, and innovative solutions, the organization stands unwavering in the pursuit of excellence. Michael Condon's appointment is more than a corporate decision; it is a catalyst for change, empowerment, and a stride toward a world brimming with possibilities for every individual, regardless of their physical limitations.